My tent won’t be orange, it’ll be smaller since I’ll have to carry it and it’s NOT how Elliot was living.  After a few weeks the tent will tear apart and hopefully I’ll be used to the new lifestyle by then and I can sleep on the ground like Elliot.

It’s been a HELLISH week.

For still unknown reasons, Mohave County incarcerates you in the Loony Bin if you dare to announce your intent to kill yourself in 2, 20 or 100 years.

Care 1st “swatted” me again and Crisis Line threatened to title me — I’ll be joining the HOMELESS

The Crisis Line people are dumber than rocks.

I’ve literally been running through the desert at night in panic (PTSD from the 2020 abuse at KRMC and the Southwest Loony Bin) to evade deputies and Crisis Line and I’m physically and emotionally EXHAUSTED.

To add to my distress, judge Kenneth Gregory DENIED my motion for a stay until 9/30 to respond to the motion to compel my expert witness disclosures and my response is due on Wednesday.  So cruel.

Expert witnesses are NOT on my mind.

I’m still processing what happened this week and how to go on.

As the Crisis Line people and deputies hounded me, we established that I can legally live in the desert like Elliot.

So that’s what I’ll do.

I finally made it to the wash lots I bought last year as a desert planting demonstration site.

Since spring I’ve been growing agaves, willows and fig cuttings.  And I planted an LSU Purple fig that I had ordered in spring 2021.

The figs are NOT drought tolerant, but since I had to water the other plants, I thought I’d get them started there and sell them in fall or spring. They are so delicious.

9/3/22:  The cows ate this agave

9/3/22:  The cows ate this agave

9/3/22: Dried up figs cuttings

9/3/22: Dried up figs grown from cuttings

9/3/22 dead fig

9/3/22 dead LSU Purple fig

Even the willow cuttings died.

The LSU fig would probably survive if it got watered every day. But it’s over a mile from my house and I got the deadline for my response to the motion to compel next Wednesday, not to mention a failing solar system, no road, and struggling plants in my greenhouse and orchard garden because I have had NO time and my brain has not been well due to the stress.

This week Care 1st health insurance, Crisis Line and MCSO managed to destroy my brain again.

When I saw those dead plants today I wanted to move into the desert ASAP.

So much work. For nothing.

I am so worn out, have no will to fight anymore. No strength.

I just want to sit in the desert, knowing that I’ll NEVER EVER have to fight for anything again.

Relax.  Enjoy nature.

It’s been years since I’ve read a book.

When and how?

I’ll live like a queen on $266 social security and food stamps when all I need is food and water.

No amount of money will get me those DELICIOUS figs. The figs in my garden are growing a second crop. I can only hope that I’ll be able to continue watering and that I don’t have a stroke or heart attack or stress-induced accident before fall.

I considered walking away from my “forever” home, out into the desert, to enjoy my freedom, my liberty, and my constitutional right to live in the desert.

Why do I care what happens to my trees?

It’s more than the huge amount of money and time I invested in my oasis and my aversion to wasting resources. Those trees are alive.  They deserve better than a slow death.

Should I just cut down all the trees that will die?  Euthanize my old mostly blind and deaf dog and walk into the desert next week?

If I quit now, all the psychotic assholes who made my life so hellish will win.

A better plan?

Clean up the property, sell in winter, use the proceeds for expert witnesses, depositions, etc. and live in a van for a bit until I’m done with the litigation. Then I can go to live in the desert.

Until then, I’ll PRACTICE living in the desert.

I just ordered a 24″ x 33″ poster of Elliot:

8/10/22: Mohave County leaves Elliot to die in the desert

I’ll start practicing living in the desert by sitting near Pierce Ferry Rd. and Diamond Bar, maybe at the Joshua Tree exhibit where lots of tourists stop.  

It’s only a few miles from my home and I can take my dog for a few hours.  Later in fall, we could pitch a tent for a night or two if I don’t have to water the garden.

I’ll bring fliers to hand out in case someone wants to know what this is about.

Talking to strangers about Elliot will help me prepare a good FAQ. 

This website will have to be highly organized, with a concise summary leading up to my decision to live in the desert and LINKS with detailed explanations, the court filings, invoices, regulatory complaints and the (non) results, etc.

My preliminary list of persons, companies, and organizations to get credit:

Attorneys Kathleen Elder, Leslie McClean, Emily Cunion, John Cotton, Michael Navratil, Victoria Buchinger, David Kaminski, federal judges David Campell and Steven Logan, superior court judge Kenneth Gregory, justice of the peace John Taylor, neurologist Abhinav Ohri, Adam Gregory Dawson DO, “John Doe”, Kelsey Brisbin, Jane Doe, Sarah Joan Grohmann, Southwest Behavioral Health Services, Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC), North Country Healthcare, More MD, Health Choice (Blue Cross) insurance, Care 1st Insurance, Crisis Line, Mark Horvath, Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, sheriff Schuster, Mohave County Attorney’s Office, county attorneys Matthew Smith and Ryan Esplin and staff, the superior court, district 4 supervisor Jean Bishop and the entire BOS, AZ unemployment,  …

And then there’s Lowe’s, Home Depot, Attwood Appliances, American Home Shield, Airbnb, Verizon, Frontier, ATT, the Meadview Civic Association, the Community Organization of Meadview, and a seemingly endless list of companies and organizations who defrauded me or otherwise inflicted major stress.

A very long and still incomplete list.

I’ll have to file many regulatory complaints about the lawyers, the courts, the doctors, nurses, KRMC, Southwest, etc.

Because I will not be able to fight “take down” requests once I live in the desert full-time, I need to fully document everything.  And I need to contact everybody for comments and to advise of any false statements.

I’ll probably sue Care 1st, and might as well add Crisis Line and MCSO unless there is some legal justification for their efforts to destroy my life, to inflict so much intentional emotional distress and mental anguish.   First by refusing to assist Elliot, then by threatening me with incarceration in the Loony Bin and being titled because I did not want to suffer like Elliot — who they REFUSED to help.

Details are in Exhibit 6 to my motion to have Elliot picked up

Exh. 6; My 8/5/22 blog post about Elliot (updated as events happened):

On pages 26 to 31 I describe how Crisis Line required that I drive over 40 miles to Elliot’s location so the Crisis Team could pick him up, only to leave me and my old dog sitting in 107 F in the desert for an hour.  I was afraid I would have a heatstroke, was dizzy.

Crisis Line then claimed that the Crisis Team could not find Mile Marker 15 on Stockton Hill Rd., outright refused to help Elliot and instead called the sheriff on me because I said I would kill myself if Elliot died.  I fled, drove way too fast through flash floods on Stockton Hill and I was too panicked to spend the night at my home (PTSD).

Legal filings are excellent documentation and are very hard to get removed from the public record and from sites publishing the documents.

My subsequent FAILED efforts to get Elliot help:

This is not just about Elliot and me, it’s about “everything”:

The systemic STUPIDITY and INCOMPETENCE at every agency I dealt with.

There is something VERY wrong with the average Americans’ brains.

My complaint about my 2020 incarceration in the Southwest Loony Bin and exhibits:

Please especially note my exhibits 5, my 2018 DRAFT Suicide Petition and exhibit 6, my 2/14/20 2-page letter to Mohave Mental Health with my questions such as:

So this is NOT a rhetorical question:

What will happen to me when I can’t support myself anymore?

I emailed this letter to Mohave Mental Health three times but received no response.  I posted it on Facebook and was called “psycho.”   I attached it to my lawsuit and nobody has even mentioned it.

Now I know what will happen.  I will live in the desert, and when my brain fails like Elliot’s, I will live like him.  Vegetate until I die.

Not long ago I wrote that I’d rather drop dead right now than having to live like Elliot.

But now I’m good with it because it will be my final stand against this corrupt system and I might get some attention on the internet with regular updates on my life in the desert until my brain fails like Elliot’s.

If there only was an organization sincerely and competently working for the mentally ill and homeless, worthy of fundraising.  Apparently, most Americans have turned into imbeciles or scammers.

I need to set up hosting in a country with better free speech protection and I need to prepay hosting and domain registration for at least 20 years.  The site should be converted to static HTML so it’ll continue to work without WordPress and plugin updates.  Maybe separate the posts pertaining to my litigation and Elliot for a static site.

You never know whether you’ll wake up in the morning.

9/4/22:  My message submitted at the Solari (Crisis Line) site:

Please advise if there are any incorrect statements regarding your operations and your refusal to assist the most vulnerable and endangered severely mentally ill like Elliot:

And please explain why you will title people who rationally plan to end their miserable lives in 2, 20 or 100 years.

Please provide the statute authorizing your malicious efforts to get me killed.

Thank you!

Updating this page has been so stressful, I forgot to include the link!  Brain damage …

I tried to resubmit WITH the link, but their form did NOT have a space for comments.  Tried several times:

9/4/22 Solari Crisis Line defective contact form

9/4/22 Solari Crisis Line defective contact form

I hit the submit button with my contact info twice and I got a confirmation.

A lying “crisis supervisor” responded:

Hi Christine, we are unable to make any type of comment about anyone’s services due to HIPAA, but if you feel like you need to file a complaint I would encourage you to reach out to our compliance department as they are better suited to handle that situation. Compliance can be reached at 1-877-852-4287.

As we cannot provide crisis services over email, I would encourage you to reach out to our crisis line if you or anyone you know is in need of help and we can be reached at 1-877-756-4090. Our crisis specialists are available 24/7 and do their best to attempt to stabilize people in the community.

Thank you,

Crisis Supervisor

IQ below 70?   I have absolutely NOTHING against employment for the mentally challenged, but seriously, “Crisis Supervisor?”

“HIPAA”????  Yup, seriously mentally challenged, that’s why they don’t use a name.

And there’s no way I’ll waste millions of precious brain cells on a phone call with these idiots.

I could not have asked for a better example to demonstrate what I’ve been through when I talked with these idiots on the phone.

9/4/22 8:54 PM: My reply:

Hello anonymous dimwitted Crisis Supervisor,

I’ve had enough of your LIES. HIPAA? Do you have an IQ below 70?

If your MANAGEMENT refuses to provide a written response to the issues addressed in my post you will be providing written answers to my superior court complaint.

Due to the holiday weekend, the deadline is Tuesday, 9/6/22 5 pm.

It’s entirely YOUR choice.

Christine Baker

The good thing about living in the desert is that I can spend all my money on lawsuits because you can’t spend it in the desert.

It’s fantastic to know that I’ll never have to worry about money again.

9/4/22:  My message submitted to the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office:

Subject: The systemic eradication of mentally ill homeless and harassment

Please advise if there are any incorrect statements regarding your operations and your refusal to assist the most vulnerable and endangered severely mentally ill like Elliot:

[Link to this page]

And please explain why you will title people who rationally plan to end their miserable lives in 2, 20 or 100 years.

Please provide the statute authorizing your malicious efforts to get me killed.

Thank you!

I’ve worked on this page at least 10 hours since yesterday.  That’s why I can’t make a living doing online consulting anymore or any other paid work.  I make too many mistakes when stressed and have to work when I CAN.  And I’m so SLOW.

I sent my first message to Crisis Line without the link … I haven’t done anything that stupid in a long time.  And then not being able to fix it because the form no longer has a field for comments, so much stress.  Have to get away from this and think about something else.

It’s too hot to work outside.  I can’t organize my house, so badly needed, but I’m too stressed, working memory failure.

Time to clean the kitchen.