On 2/7/23 attorneys Michael Navratil (John H Cotton & Associates), Leslie McLean (Gust Rosenfeld, P.L.C.), Kathleen S. Elder (Jones, Skelton & Hochuli P.L.C.) and Emily C. Cunion (Zelms Erlich & Mack) filed their motion to dismiss my case and stated to the court:

It is abundantly clear that this lawsuit was a sham from the start. There is no good cause basis to provide Plaintiff with additional time, regardless of any long-winded, factually inaccurate, defamatory, or wholly irrelevant argument that Plaintiff may advance.

Their clients North Country Healthcare, Dr. Abhinav Ohri, KRMC, Adam Dawson DO, Southwest Behavioral and Kelsey Brisbin inflicted severe brain damage on me — deliberately and maliciously.  No sham!

North Country misdiagnosed me with ADHD, prescribed adderall (amphetamins, the LAST thing I needed!), recommended doing crossword puzzles to restore my working memory and I had to fight for a referral to a neurologist. They scheduled a telehealth appointment for a tetanus shot (to date I’m way overdue because you really can’t get a shot over the internet), and they refused Covid testing when I had a sore throat and I was unable to get new labs. So much incompetence! I’ve spent THOUSANDS on labs and I only get $289 social security.  Their attorney Leslie McLean deserves special mention for requiring me to settle for NOTHING to get medical services.

On 1/29/20 I went to see neurologist Dr. Ohri because I was suffering from litigation stress-induced working memory loss and I needed a note for the court to stay the proceedings as judge Steven Logan in Phoenix federal court decided that my complete medical records were not admissible. I requested a note such as what patients get when they need a note for their employeer or school so I could destress and continue with my litigation after my brain recovered.

Dr. Ohri’s refusal to help me meant that my case would be dismissed and I cried and told him that I would have to kill myself — after many years of litigation and overturning federal judges David Campbell and Steven Logan in the 9th circuit of appeals, my credit cards were maxed out and my brain was fried. Much lesser claims resulted in 7-figure jury verdicts.

Dr. Ohri offered NO tests or any kind of treatment to help with my brain damage.  As I now know, three years later, a couple of months of REST would have gone a long way.

Dr. Ohri had me admitted to KRMC, falsely claiming I was suicidal, while I specifically told him that I was NOT going to kill myself right away.

I will kill myself when I can’t afford to live anymore, after I sold my home and used the proceeds. That’s all there is to it.  I’m not going to suffer and be abused like Elliot and so many other poor, old and sick people.

However, it’s actually much more likely that my “suicide” is a heart attack, stroke or accident.

Suicide by litigation.

Attorney Kathleen Elder refused to give me another extension and I promptly hit a bull last June, totaled my truck.

I could have died.

If attorney Elder had given me a few more days, I would NOT have hit the bull because I wouldn’t have been up most of the night trying to file electronically through that crappy Arizona TurboCourt system.   I would have gotten up earlier and I would have been back home from my trip to Vegas to get a new contact lense prescription before dark.

It’s THAT simple.

Plaintiff is dead — lawsuit dismissed!

In fact, if the attorneys hadn’t stressed me so much, I wouldn’t have needed new contacts as my left eye changed dramatically due to the litigation stress.  I just learned that the eyes are the only parts of the brain that are exposed and huge part of brain activate is devoted to vision. It was extremely difficult to read for two weeks and I got the earliest appointment.  Obviously it was very hard to research and read.

Due to Dr. Ohri’s decision to NOT help me recover from the extraordinary stress and to instead inflict MORE stress, my life expectancy has been significantly shortened, especially because I had to file this lawsuit.

At the Kingman hospital, KRMC, the yet to be identified John Doe (KRMC apparently isn’t very good at record keeping) falsely stated that I was delusional, manic, etc. etc.   As my audio recording proves, I didn’t start screaming until AFTER they ordered me admitted to Southwest, the Loony Bin, and completely destroyed my life. They literally drove me crazy!

At Southwest Behavioral they left a bathroom flooded with shit (inmate protest) for over a day, the food was disgusting, no daylight, we could not go outside, were not allowed underwear or shoes, huddled under old blankets like refugees — something you’d expect in the 1960s when the mentally ill were treated like animals.

Kelsey Brisbin also refused to read my medical history, falsely claimed I had a “suicide contract” and I’d likely never have gotten out if staff hadn’t attended my daily interview with me because they apparently had a much higher IQ and were much more qualified to assess my mental state. Incredibly, nurse Brisbin extended my incarceration because I have a medical marijuana card!

I am alive today ONLY because of Covid shutdowns and benefits and then an inheritance.

To date, I have not been allowed to conduct discovery.

I have NO idea WHY the defendants took these vile actions that would likely result in my death.

ANYONE with an IQ above 80 should understand that an extremely stressed person is NOT helped by inflicting MORE STRESS.

What is wrong with these imbeciles?

Additionally, they outright REFUSED to provide my medical records as required by law despite my numerous requests.

I actually had to file this lawsuit to finally get at least some records last summer.  That’s what I’m dealing with!

I’m about as sick and tired of being accused of lying, misrepresenting and filing frivolous lawsuits as it gets.

I’ve submitted most of my filings under penalty of perjury and I’m not a liar.  But I did suffer brain damage and memory loss, so I need to know what my factually inaccurate and defamatory arguments were.

My email to the attorneys:


Hello All,

I found this statement in your 2/7/23 motion to dismiss incredibly offensive and upsetting:

“There is no good cause basis to provide Plaintiff with additional time, regardless of any long-winded, factually inaccurate, defamatory, or wholly irrelevant argument that Plaintiff may advance.”

You are implying that I lied and defamed “someone”, but you failed to include or reference a single example of any factually inaccurate or defamatory argument.

I believe I signed all my major filings under penalty of perjury and I double and triple checked my facts. However, your clients did inflict severe brain damage resulting in working memory loss and possibly factually inaccurate arguments.

1) Please identify the filings and provide me with the quotes of factually inaccurate or defamatory arguments.

2) Please identify any factually inaccurate or defamatory statements at my post at [this URL].

3) Did attorney Kathleen Elder ever notify the court of her FALSE statement, claiming that my carefully prepared and printed medical history was handwritten?

Thank you,

Christine Baker

Maybe I am insane, delusional, hallucinating?

If so, I need to know and take the appropriate actions, quickly sell my home, refocus on and speed up my death preparations and check out Oregon and Canada for assisted suicide.  Don’t want to risk ending up suffering more abuse at Kingman Regional Medical Center, Southwest Behavioral or some nursing home.

Arizona has been investigating nursing home abuse.  I’ve suffered ENOUGH abuse and prefer to die peacefully.