Is this a real person in the More MD picture at

If so, who is he?  Is there a Dr. More?

I sued More MD and NP Sarah Grohman because they REFUSED to provide the medical care I DESERVE.

Despite NUMEROUS attempts to get the attention of More MD and formal service on 4/26/22, More MD has not filed an answer or other response to my Complaint.

I was informed by More MD employees on the telephone that Sarah Grohmann is no longer with them and I either have to hire a PI to locate her or send a subpoena to More MD for her address etc.

Instead of wasting brain cells and time I don’t have on figuring out how to file an application for default judgment, I’m finally starting my social media campaign.

Interestingly, More MD is now in Kingman! 

Excerpts from my 1/28/2022 COMPLAINT against Dendants More MD, Sarah Grohmann, North Country, KRMC, Dr. Ohri, Southwest Behavioral (Loony Bin) in Kingman Superior Court:

Raghav LLC dba More MD and Sarah Joan Grohmann

84) I was obsessed with getting my brain fixed after my release from the Loony Bin and after jumping through countless hoops and switching insurance, I finally had an appointment with Defendant Sarah Joan Grohmann NP at More MD in Lake Havasu City.

85) I got an MRI and EEG at KRMC in Kingman, but More MD’s office advised that they didn’t receive the records when I fortunately called them before making the 2-hour drive to my second appointment with Sarah Joan Grohmann.

86) More MD tasked me with getting the MRI and EGG from KRMC to More MD. It was so incredibly stressful! Repeatedly I was told that the fax machine at More MD loses faxes. 11 KRMC kept telling me that they faxed to More MD, but More MD never received anything. After lots of stress, KRMC finally contacted More MD directly. Why can doctors require patients to perform slave labor for them?

87) On 8/25/20 More MD called to advise that they finally had the MRI and EEG reports and that I had a telephone appointment with Sarah Grohmann that afternoon. Incredibly, Ms. Grohmann claimed that my brain was “fine” despite the reports indicating problems. [Exh. 7, 8, the MRI and EEG reports]

88) Despite my extraordinary efforts to get Ms. Grohmann to understand how important it is that I receive a diagnosis and treatment, she outright refused to do anything for me and instead, sheriff’s deputies showed up at my house over an hour later. Was I supposed to kill myself? Is that how healthcare works in Mohave County?

89) Imagine coming back to your house, police car at your property, neighbors congregating to see what happened, while the officers are searching for your body. What is the intent? Humiliate the patients until they commit suicide because their reputation is destroyed?12

If it hadn’t been for the Covid shutdowns, unemployment, and then an inheritance, I would NOT be alive today. 

I would have had NO OPTION but to KILL myself.

I have been fighting for my life for years now and the stress is killing me.

I’m running out of money and I will have to commit suicide when I can no longer afford to live.

I am 64 years old, my social security is $266/month and despite this lawsuit, I have not been able to get ANY diagnosis or treatment for my working memory loss when very stressed.  Stress causes extremely high blood pressure.

While my brain and overall health have tremendously improved due to the Covid rest and the $$$ to self-diagnose and pay for blood panels, a DNA test, and countless supplements, I’m running out of funds fast.

I’ve been working LITERALLY 10 – 14 hrs/day, EVERY day, for months. 

But I’m so SLOW, have a difficult time learning (remembering) and I make costly and dangerous mistakes when stressed and tired.  Recently I totaled my truck when I hit a black bull in Dolan Springs.  So lucky I wasn’t hurt, but it sure reminded me how quickly you can die.

I walk like an 85-year-old because I’m so afraid to fall and break a hip or whatever.  I fall often, usually when I’m late and stressed, and am capable of tripping over a 1″ rock.

It doesn’t take much to cause my demise as I have ZERO support.

My few friends are in their 80s, struggling to get by and survive themselves.  They can’t help me.  And I can’t afford to pay for help.

I’m not the kind of person used to asking for help, have been rather independent my entire life.   So I will not be sitting in the Wal-Mart parking lot begging with a cardboard sign and I will not start a fundraiser for my medical expenses.  It’s humiliating.  Not my style.

Instead, I will FIGHT for our right to medical care to the bitter end — a heart attack or stroke, an accident or suicide.

I don’t want to watch another person commit suicide because they couldn’t get the healthcare they deserved.  So many people suffer and it’s killing me that there’s nothing I can do to help them.   I’m an empath.

Do I need a lobotomy?

Having to plan for your death because you can’t receive medical treatment and you therefore can no longer afford to live (create income) is about as stressful as it gets.

My “biological” age is 69.  I have high blood sugar no matter how hard I try and my blood pressure hits 200 when very stressed.   And I’m stressed often.

I don’t like to think about it, but I have to get my affairs in order.  I have family in Germany, but there’s nothing they can do with my property here.

It was my dream to establish a non-profit in Meadview to provide social and medical services to our many seniors.   But Meadview is run by narcissists, psychopaths, and imbeciles who couldn’t care less how seniors live and die and many still claim that the election was stolen.  I’m not aware of a single organization worthy of support.

There’s nobody who would take care of my dog and my beautiful organic permaculture orchard garden I worked so hard to establish.

I contacted HALT to arrange for them to take my dog when I can’t take care of him anymore for whatever reason, maybe I didn’t see their reply.  I think you have to give them BIG bucks for that service. My best friend is 13 years old, mostly blind and deaf.   He was so scared and traumatized when I recently took him to the vet.

I’m going to do whatever I can to hold these incompetent, ruthless and cruel “doctors” who refuse to provide the medical care I DESERVE accountable.

Are they psychopaths, with no empathy, no compassion, and slightly sadistic?

What is WRONG with More MD and NP Sarah Grohmann?

Some of my many attempts to elicit a response from More MD:

6/30/22 to attorney Monheit, More MD registered agent at

Hello again, Mr. Monheit,

My many attempts to get in touch with More MD by phone, email and social media failed.

Could you please be so kind and provide me with the contact info for the person to discuss whether I need to file a motion for default as I have yet to receive an answer to my complaint?

Thank you,

Christine Baker

On 4/26/22 I had Raghav LLC dba More MD formally served.


Hello Mr. Monheit,

My many attempts to get a response from More MD directly miserably failed.  I understand that you are the registered agent for More MD (Raghav LLC) and I request that you accept or waive service for More MD pursuant to Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure 4:

“An individual, corporation, or association that is subject to service under Rule 4(e)(f), or (h) has a duty to avoid unnecessary expenses of serving the summons. The plaintiff may notify such a defendant that an action has been commenced and request that the defendant waive service of a summons.”

My complaint and exhibits are posted at

Thank you,

Christine Baker

4/18/22 to  (email provided by MoreMD FB messenger):


I’ve sent my previous email to,,,,, — received no reply.

So I just received your email address on Facebook messenger and I request that you accept or waive service for More MD and NP Sarah Grohmann pursuant to Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure 4:

“An individual, corporation, or association that is subject to service under Rule 4(e), (f), or (h) has a duty to avoid unnecessary expenses of serving the summons. The plaintiff may notify such a defendant that an action has been commenced and request that the defendant waive service of a summons.”

My complaint and exhibits are posted at

Thank you,

Christine Baker




4/12/22 Any way I could get a reply?

I’ve sent the two emails below to but was igored.

Thank you,

Christine Baker


I didn’t receive a reply, did I miss it?

3/29/22 to



Please provide contact info for your legal department.

I posted my superior court complaint and exhibits at

1)  Will you waive or accept service?

2)  Will you waive or accept service for Sarah Joan Grohman?

If not, please provide the contact information.

I very much appreciate your cooperation,

Christine Baker