According to Arizona Endocrinology Center, Dr. Dwivedi stole their patient contact info when he moved to More MD.

Does Dr. Dwivedi still have a license to practice medicine?

I found this letter on Yelp, where the More MD Surprise office has a 1.5 star rating.

Funny how it goes when you can’t delete bad reviews!


Former Arizona Endocrinology Center Physician Takes PHI of 74,000 Patients to New Employer

Arizona Endocrinology Center is alerting 74,122 patients that some of their protected health information has been impermissibly disclosed to another medical group by a physician after he left the practice.

Before Dr. Dwivedi left Arizona Endocrinology Center, he downloaded patient data and disclosed the information to his new employer, More MD. Patient names, telephone numbers, addresses, medical record numbers, and the names of patients’ primary doctor were downloaded from the EHR. No Social Security numbers, health insurance information, or financial data was obtained by Dr. Dwivedi.

Arizona Endocrinology Center learned of the incident on February 17, 2020 when patients started reporting they had received text messages from More MD advising them that Dr. Dwivedi had moved to the medical group. More MD also advertised its services in the text messages. The breach investigation revealed the data was downloaded on January 12, 2020.

Arizona Endocrinology Center has told its patients that it has no business relationship with More MD and Dr. Dwivedi no longer works for the practice, so it has been difficult to obtain solid assurances that patient data has now been deleted and will not be used. The practice explained on its website that “our patients and their families are free to contact Dr. Dwivedi and More MD directly to ask them about their personal information.”

More MD should have been shut down for their illegal practices.

Would have saved me so much STRESS!