This is one of my journal posts.  The primary purpose is to help me remember how I spent several hours today very frustrated with ClipClip.   I don’t want to have to do this again! Ever!

Just need to remember to look for this post before trying to organize clips again.

And maybe it’ll help someone else who is using ClipClip.  Since I may learn more about the issues, I plan to update here as I get more info.   It might just be me not being able to figure things out.

It stresses me that I get so little done and a direct result is that I get even less done and make more mistakes.


I SO want to like ClipClip to organize my screenshots and keep track of everything I copy, but it’s just not usable.

Wasted so much time AGAIN to try to use ClipClip to go through my screenshots, rename them and upload to the cloud.

I searched for a recent clip in my data directory and found only stress and frustration.

Organizing clips within Clip Clip is not an option.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to simply move the “latest” clips into another folder within ClipClip because it uses HUGE amounts of memory.    More than Firefox with 130+ tabs.

I don’t understand that.  Just because I display directories in Explorer or other file managers / editors doesn’t cause it to use up all my memory.

So I found NOTHING in my data directory and finally searched my entire C drive.

Found the file in the TEMP directory in USERS:

2023-1-3 ClipClip temp dir

2023-1-3 ClipClip temp dir

Strangely, I’ve renamed the file since, but the temp dir hasn’t changed and it’s the ONLY file in the temp dir.

Here’s a screenshot of the ClipClip app and it LOOKS very cool, easy to find the clips you need:

ClipClip file names

File names make sense in ClipClip — why are they random characters in Explorer?

Update: I guess because they’re encrypted. But WHY? To protect the files from me?

If I could only FIND those files on the drive to upload them!!!

Conspicuously absent is the option to “open the file folder” in the right-click menu.

I was shocked to see that the “Latest Clips” are not what they SHOULD be.

2023-1-3 ClipClip latest clips

2023-1-3 ClipClip latest clips

What the heck?   What on earth is THAT MESS!!!!

Update: After researching and reading I’m guessing that every clip is encrypted to ensure that I can’t work with it and have to “save” the files somehow. Manually.

This is how I have to waste my life, my brain, my energy. Just about every day. I HAVE to organize my business, my medical records, my life …

My MAJOR issues with ClipClip:

  1.  Apps should NEVER store MY data in some “user” or “program” directory.
    You can’t find your data without wasting HUGE amounts of time and quite likely you will LOSE the data when you reinstall your system because it’s not in a dedicated data directory that’s backed up or transferred.  Ask me how I know. It is common courtesy to ask users where to install the app and where to save data.
  2. Documentation: I couldn’t find the location of the files.

Temporary Clips (a.k.a latest clips)
Temporary clips are created when you copy something to your clipboard. These clips are stored locally in a hidden folder and are encrypted for your privacy. They cannot be accessed directly using File Explorer or equivalent file manager applications.

Saved Clips
These clips are stored locally on your hard drive. A very important attribute is that these are regular files. As such, users can create or edit saved clips using any compatible third-party editor.

It sounds like you need to copy and then SAVE clips before you can do anything.  I can do that in ANY screenshot app, no need for ClipClip if that’s so.

And then there are the minor bugs.

Today I wasted a lot of time trying to rename files in ClipClip.    I was in TILE view mode and tried, again and again, to rename, selecting “Rename Clip” after right-clicking on the file.   It just didn’t work unless I went to EDIT the file — another 12-step program …

Eventually, I figured out that I can rename files with View set to DETAILS.  WHY WHY WHY is the option in TILE view available if it doesn’t work?

I’d pay a couple of hundred dollars for a functional clip organizer.

  • Linked file folders for easy drop & drag from the clip history for organization by subject.
    Like Explorer’s Quick Access.   NOT creating a SEPARATE file system, but integrating the existing structure and data.  Even better would be a field for tags and/or categories and the “latest” clips should be UNLIMITED instead of overwriting after 1000 (limited only by drive space.)
  • Automatic naming conventions
    Users should be able to set up automatic naming conventions, such as date formats and for text clips specify the number of characters to be included in the file name and possibly the app it was copied from (after the date).

Now that I posted here, I will hopefully remember why I can NOT use ClipClip for more than keeping track of recent clips.  Which is nice, but I need a lot more.

I’ve emailed support a few times and they did get back to me, points for that.  But it’s email, not a ticket system, which would be so much better since I could see what I already asked months ago.

I’m so sick and tired of CONTINUALLY searching, so I don’t have it in me to search for the emails.

How many brain cells did I waste on ClipClip today?

Instead of organizing my labs, I created this post 🙁

So much potential, but I’m afraid ClipClip might have to be completely redesigned to turn it into an app to effectively organize.

I also don’t have it in me to test other apps, already tried so many, but appreciate recommendations.   I know there are many screenshot apps, but I need the text clips too — everything I copy.

I do NOT need another app to modify images and whatever else.   There are COUNTLESS apps already and developers ought to focus on the job:  ORGANIZE!   The major reason for so many sucky apps is that they continually add features prior to a stable product.  Focus on QUALITY!

I just read the ClipClip FAQ at

It looks like it does EVERYTHING I want:

… Saved Clips are stored as normal files (txt, html, jpeg, etc) on your hard drive so you may use your favorite cloud service (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive or even SVN) to share Saved Clips with your team. …

Sounds great! But I haven’t been able to find those files.  UPDATE: because they are apparently encrypted.

Where are they?

Why use ClipClip?

ClipClip will save you and/or your team significant time. Rather than using separate systems anywhere you use templates (such as email, support desks, forums, etc.) you can use a single piece of lightweight software which works universally across all services and software applications.

This makes no sense at all. How can you claim it’s “lightweight” when it uses more memory than 130+ open tabs in Firefox?

How does ClipClip handle my data?

In age when cloud services can be shut down, get acquired by larger firms, or change its privacy policy from one day to the next, this is an important question. Personal privacy and data lock-in are unfortunate consequences of being limited to a single cloud provider (f.i. Evernote).

ClipClip saves your clips in common and often human-readable or open-source file formats such as .txt, .md, .html, .png, or .jpeg. The only exception is for password-protected folders, which are stored as an encrypted .zip file.

Thanks to ClipClip’s methodology when it comes to using non-proprietary formats, you can freely choose to store your files only locally on your hard drive, or to synchronize your clips using your preferred cloud service provider, such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, SugarSync, Amazon Cloud Drive, OneDrive, pCloud, iCloud, OpenDrive, or Mega.

Clips that are stored as plain text or Markdown files provide unparalleled flexibility when it comes to storage, publishing to the web, or using third-party editors.

Don’t I wish this was true. Exactly what I tried to do today! But clearly not happening.

Notably, the FAQ doesn’t contain any screenshots or videos about HOW to actually organize. I checked YouTube and the ClipClip videos were so disappointing.

I feel so bad having to put up this post, after all, it’s free software. I always try to support the little people and I pay for so much shareware, try to stay away from the big corporations.

So I sent the link to this post to ClipClip, maybe there’s still hope to make it useable for more than saving recent clips.

Maybe I’m just a stupid brain-damaged idiot.

For now, I’m going to use FireFox, Snipping Tool and GoFullPage for Chrome to SAVE the screenshots in a special directory to later use in posts or upload to the cloud — instead of copying to ClipClip.   Initially more work, but ultimately a HUGE time saver.

I also tried Evernote and hate the cloud stuff and annual subscriptions.  Won’t be able to afford all these subscriptions on $ 266 social security.

PS: WordPress Classic Editor is so buggy too.  EVERY SINGLE TIME I edit the post it puts the text under the LIST on the same line as the list item.  I’m mostly in Text when pasting, but I formatted in Visual.  Just reviewed the entire page and found duplicate and triplicate formatting code, bold.  Why do I have to do this manually?  Can’t the editor detect a duplicate tag and delete it automatically?  How did it even happen?

I so dislike block editors.  I WRITE.  And I insert pics or video occasionally, but mostly I write and in my entire life I’ve never written in blocks.  I find it distracting. I do appreciate the “distraction-free” display option while writing though. That’s a great feature.

I’d pay a few bucks for a WP editor that’s a little more sophisticated than the Classic Editor, with automated error checking.

It’s 2023 and I got so much more done in the 90s making static HTML pages.