Updated 7/29/22:  I did some research and got carried away …

Alzheimer’s cure has never been developed because scientists have misunderstood disease for 30 years, study suggests


…  Plaques in the brain were first identified in dementia patients by the German psychiatrist Alois Alzheimer in 1906, and in 1984 amyloid beta was found to be their main component.

For the next 20 years, hundreds of trials were conducted into therapies targeting amyloid in the brain, but all failed, leading to the theory being largely abandoned until the Minnesota paper was published in 2006.

Since then, universities, research institutions and pharmaceutical companies have spent billions investigating and trialling therapies to clear the brain of amyloid, but none have worked.

Dennis Selkoe, professor of neurologic diseases, at Harvard University, told Science that there was “precious little evidence” that the amyloid found by the Minnesota team even existed.

Professor Thomas Sudhof, a Nobel laureate of Stanford University, added: “The immediate, obvious damage, is wasted NIH funding and wasted thinking in the field because people are using these results as a starting point for their own experiments.”

The authors of the Minnesota paper have defended their original findings claiming they “still have faith” that amyloid play a major causative role in Alzheimer’s. …

I’ve been researching Alzheimer’s since 2018 and the doctors I’ve been following didn’t think that beta-amyloid was the problem, but that it develops to PROTECT the brain from the problems:  toxins, mold, bacteria and so much more.

I can’t wait to see how the investigation of the University of Minnesota study turns out!

And it’s almost funny to see the headline about the Alzheimer’s “cure” when in fact, it’s NOT a cure that’s needed.   Patients now routinely reverse cognitive decline by removing the CAUSES of Alzheimer’s:

TOXIC food, water, air, stress, high blood sugar, lack of sleep, … It’s a very long list.

Published in February 2016:

Inhalational Alzheimer’s disease: an unrecognized—and treatable—epidemic

Bredesen DE. Inhalational Alzheimer’s disease: an unrecognized – and treatable – epidemic. Aging (Albany NY). 2016 Feb;8(2):304-13. doi: 10.18632/aging.100896. PMID: 26870879; PMCID: PMC4789584.


Patient 2

This is a follow-up description of the second patient described in a previous report []. A 59-year-old man began to note word-finding difficulties, followed by difficulties with arithmetic. These symptoms had been preceded by depression for seven years. He had been a type A personality with a high-powered position, whose neurological symptoms had begun after two years of the most stressful time of his career. His personality changed, and he became passive and timid. Neuropsychological testing showed profound impairment in semantic fluency, executive functioning, attention, overall mental status, processing, and visual memory. …

I see similarities, although I’m not yet passive and timid but MAD AS HELL!

I’m definitely type A, had so much stress due to litigation and financial problems, and in 2018 had trouble finding words.   Changed my diet to almost eliminate regular sugar and increase fat consumption and by Labor Day 2019 I was perfectly fine, including NORMAL blood pressure.

Attorney David Kaminski and Phoenix federal judge Stephen Logan destroyed me, deliberately — like psychopaths, and both should be in prison for their vile actions.   Notably, the 9th circuit court of appeals approved their misconduct, thereby documenting the SYSTEMIC abuse of power to protect corporations like debt buyer Midland Funding (Encore Capital) and lawyers like Bursey & Associates who submitted falsified documentation to the court and engaged in countless unfair practices, including lying to me, to obtain a fraudulent judgment against me.

Whether it’s the so-called “justice” system or the so-called “healthcare” system — everything is about making the rich richer on the back of the poor and working stiffs.

I have yet to find a single healthcare provider in Mohave County who accepts Obamacare (AHCCCS) and isn’t wholly owned by Big Pharma and/or employing “healthcare professionals” suffering from serious cognitive decline and/or incompetence — INCAPABLE of researching brain health and treatment.

How to reverse cognitive decline is OLD news.  From 2015:

Dale E. Bredesen, md: Reversing Cognitive Decline

Gustafson C. Dale E. Bredesen, md: Reversing Cognitive Decline. Integr Med (Encinitas). 2015 Oct;14(5):26-9. PMID: 26770163; PMCID: PMC4712873.


Dr Bredesen: There have been about 70 people who have come through now. For example, I just got a call this morning from a man who started a year ago and had a hippocampal volume, before he started the program, quantified at less than the 20th percentile. It is now greater than the 75th percentile. He actually could not believe that his own hippocampus had gotten larger. He asked the MRI technicians, “Can you give me an explanation for that?” The guy said, “I don’t understand it. I can’t offer you an explanation.”

This patient, by the way, was at a point where he was going to have to quit his job. He is doing very well at his job now, continuing to do his job very effectively. We have another person who is over 3 years out now, still back to work full-time and doing very, very well. We have had a couple of people now who have gone on and off the program a couple of times, either because of traveling, stressful things in their lives, running out of some of the components, or getting ill and not being able to take some of the components.

My 8/7/20 MRI [Exhibit 7 to my Complaint] report:


 Atrophy: Mild generalized cerebral volume loss.
Cerebral Parenchyma: Scattered foci of T2/ FLAIR white matter hyperintensity in both cerebral hemispheres,
nonspecific but suggestive of mild chronic small vessel ischemic change. Chronic lacunar infarct/perivascular space in
the left basal ganglia

Here’s an article explaining the significance of White Matter Hyperintensities:

Lacunar Infarcts, but Not Perivascular Spaces, Are Predictors of Cognitive Decline in Cerebral Small-Vessel Disease


The incompetent imbeciles at MoreMD REFUSED to provide any treatment!

NP Sarah Grohmann is no longer employed by MoreMD and I have yet to locate and serve her.  MoreMD has failed to respond to my complaint despite my countless inquiries and contacts:


The defendants refused to diagnose and treat me and instead locked me up in the Loony Bin, destroying my life.  I would have had to commit suicide if we didn’t have Covid shutdowns and unemployment and then I got an inheritance, eliminating at least some of my daily stress and of course, my serious financial problems — giving my brain a chance to heal.

They CONTINUE to REFUSE treatment!

I filed my lawsuit against my “healthcare professionals” half a year ago and they seem determined to kill me, inflicting maximum stress (especially the KRMC defendants’ attorney Kathleen Elder) and to date NOBODY offered any treatment whatsoever or even just one dime for treatment by competent professionals.

We stayed the litigation with my primary care provider North Country to try to settle.

On June 9, 2022, I emailed my thoughts on settling to their attorney Leslie McLean with Hufford, Horstman, Mongini, Parnell & Tucker in Flagstaff:

Defendant North Country Healthcare MUST improve its patient communications and services

North Country apparently thinks I have an IQ of 30 as they offered this 7/12/22 settlement:

… North Country would like to assign a designated Case Manager to work directly with you in obtaining healthcare with them, or referring you to specialists, as needed. In addition, North Country will provide a Behavioral Health Consultant to be directly involved in your care to ensure that both parties are communicating in a respectful and effective manner. The goal would be for you and North Country, with the assistance of the Case Manager and Behavioral Health Consultant, to define a common plan for your ongoing healthcare needs.

Please review the proposed settlement terms carefully and let me know if you would like us to move forward with these terms for settlement. …


They’re going to do WHAT?

Continue to tell me to do crossword puzzles?   WTFF!!! [blood pressure alert]

I responded with the suggestion to simply try it for 3 months to see how that will work.   As of  7/29/22, I have NOT received a response.

If I wasn’t so busy with the litigation I would have contacted all their board members.

Just like the Kingman hospital and Southwest, North Country is a NON PROFIT! 

How can all these non-profits be so evil?

Is someone skimming funds?

It makes NO sense that a non-profit would deliberately refuse patient treatment, causing disease, pain, and DEATH.  Yet, that’s what North Country does all the time.  Neighbors who definitely experience cognitive decline are told that they are FINE!

In many of my nonprofit investigations I found that some relative or friend got lucrative contracts for IT, janitorial, or whatever services.   Cleverly hidden as legitimate expenses.   Debt consolidation, animal shelters, you name it.  I found so much FRAUD.

I’ll have many questions for the board members who are ultimately responsible for the KRMC, Southwest, and North Country misconduct.

So far I’ve only seen attorney arguments claiming that it is the “standard of care” to NOT listen to patients, to NOT read health records provided by patients, to NOT diagnose, and to NOT provide treatment.

How DO the board members feel about that? Do they have the slightest clue what’s going on?

I’m desperate for a continuous glucose monitor so I can see how different foods impact my blood sugar.

I would PAY for it if I could get one without a prescription and thought I finally found a source, but then they sold them in every state but Arizona.  I’m just so lucky.

I ordered the gadget and test strips that require me to draw blood and while I have no problem with others sticking giant needles into me, I have yet to work myself up to doing it myself.  And I just don’t see how I could do this literally every 15 minutes and keep accurate records.

When I first realized last week that my days are numbered, I thought it didn’t matter anymore.

I spent a lot of time reading up on what people do when they are terminal and I thought maybe I don’t need to waste more of my limited cash on supplements and medical care.

But then I realized that I will have to make many very difficult end-of-life decisions, requiring the best brain I can possibly have.

So I didn’t have that margarita and until my house is sold and I know how I’ll continue to live until I’m out of money I’ll try to do what I can to optimize my health.

And of course, it’s not just about me, it’s about everybody who is killed by their medical professionals’ incompetence, negligence, malice …

There should be literally many MILLIONS of lawsuits!

I’ve met several other patients and caregivers who all have the exact same problems with their doctors being imbeciles and essentially telling them to go die, LYING about dementia treatment not being available.

I’ve been thinking about my will and it’s rather complicated because I have no family in the US or any close friends.

If I live to commit suicide when I run out of money I don’t have to worry about my estate because almost everything of value will have been liquidated.

Can I will what little is left to some person or organization who can then sue my “healthcare” providers for refusing to provide treatment and essentially forcing me to kill myself?

Since I had planned on living in my home until I die, my estate could have sold the property after I died in 15 or 20 years if all went as planned.  My property would be a lot more valuable if I didn’t have to constantly pay and fight for healthcare instead of maintaining and finally finishing my home.  I so enjoy building, creating, planting, and beautifying.   And all I do anymore is stress and bitch and moan and think about when and how I’m going to die and whether I’ll survive the Defendants and their attorneys’ assaults long enough to be able to sell the house next spring.

So much to research.

So many decisions to make.