2/2/24:  This link emailed to Rep. Paul Gosar and Michelle Felicetta, Assistant District Manager of the Prescott SSA office.

I will update with their responses, if any.

I might also update this post with our emails and clarification, my failed attempt to call them, and my research on how to file a formal complaint. My brain is fried now.  So far I have only found links to report fraud committed by benefit recipients.  Any leads, anyone?  How do we stop this shitshow?

Background:   When I applied for Social Security in 2020 I contacted Rep. Paul Gosar for assistance because Social Security refused to allow me to bring my original birth certificate to their office for copying.   The Social Security website specifically stated NOT to mail originals, but they insisted on mailing the original.

One of Rep. Gosar’s staff finally provided me with the contact info and email address for Michelle Felicetta, Assistant District Manager of the Prescott SSA office.

Then the original birth certificate was not required and I received my giant $248 monthly benefits when I turned 62.

In July 2023, my $289 monthly benefit was reduced to $124.

I never received any notice of the deduction other than the lower deposit.  I emailed Ms. Felicetta and she notified me that they don’t communicate by email, but did let me know that the deduction was for Medicare Part B, that I could opt out, provided the form, and advised that I would receive a full refund for the premiums if I had not used any Medicare benefits.

I then experienced major trauma attempting to renew with AHCCCS.

AHCCCS approved during a phone interview subject to uploading my bank statement, which I immediately did.   I received notice that I was approved.  Then I received notice that I was declined for failure to provide requested docs and because I’m 65 years old.

I was unable to get to any person at AHCCCS on the phone because their dysfunctional system would not verify me.  The stress was killing me.  I finally gave up because I didn’t want to die.  My blood pressure goes up just thinking about it.  EVERYTHING is such a shitshow.

FYI:  AHCCCS stands for Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System and, unsurprisingly, Arizona contains costs by providing the absolute worst healthcare and they’re doing all they can to kill us.  If it wasn’t for FEDERAL money, all the poor would be left to die, as evidenced by Arizona’s termination of the program before Obamacare.

I completed the form to opt out of Medicare Part B and they refunded 659.60 on 12/1/23.

However, the NEXT deposit on 12/27/23 was AGAIN for only $124!

On 12/27/23 I emailed to Ms. Felicetta a screenshot of the $124 deposit and I received no reply.

On 1/11/24 I emailed Rep. Paul Gosar requesting assistance and I copied Ms. Felicetta.  I received no reply.

Several times I counted the months with the Medicare Part B deductions and I concluded that they shorted me by a month. 

I suffered stress-induced brain damage in 2019, resulting in very dangerous working memory loss when severely stressed.

North Country misdiagnosed as having ADHD and prescribed Adderall and I was refused any treatment while covered by AHCCCS.  In December 2019 I drove off with the water hauler while the water pump was attached and running.

Covid shutdowns and benefits saved my life as I had the time and money to research, self-diagnose, and heal my damaged brain.  I am much better now, but this kind of stress still very negatively impacts my health and could cause a heart attack, stroke, or accident.  I can feel my blood boiling (blood pressure increasing dramatically) as I’m writing this post.

I received my SSA 1099 and it also documents that the SSA defrauded me.

Medicare Part B Premium deductions:  $989.40

Non-taxable Payments: $659.60

According to Excel, they owe me $329.80:

My 2023 SSA 1099:

The 2/2/24 screenshot of the SSA deposits from 6/28/23 to present:

2023 SSA bank deposits

SSA bank deposits

So there you have it.  Due to my brain damage, I often second-guess myself.  Am I making a mistake?  Not seeing right?

If I made a mistake, why won’t they explain to me how I’m wrong?

As I obviously can’t survive on the giant $298 SSA benefits, I SHOULD be working on getting business for the vacation rental I manage INSTEAD of dealing with this crap.  Update my listings, and join other platforms.   My brain is fried.

I’m completely exhausted now. Done for the day.  Normally, I’d work in the garden or dig some trenches to recover.  But it’s raining.

I truly understand why so many of our seniors and disabled give up, drink, do drugs, and waste their days and nights on social media or watching TV.  So many commit suicide with saved-up opiates.

It’s always “natural causes” on the death certificates because no autopsies are performed.  I hugged a friend before he killed himself because they could not get home healthcare and his 80-year-old wife had such a difficult time picking him up when he fell.  He fell often.  Multiple stays at KRMC and the Gardens, no diagnosis, no treatment— only neglect, pain, and suffering.

I suppose we should thank them for the opiates so we can end our misery.

Here’s a picture of the growth on the back of my knee, most likely cancer:

12/31/23 growth on back of knee

12/31/23 Growth on the back of my knee

I obviously can’t afford to PAY for diagnosis and treatment, been hoping that it might go away if I have a strong immune system.  I haven’t been taking many of my supplements and last year had no bookings at the rental from Xmas until April.

Add this constant STRESS — I’m just waiting for the next tumor.

Thanks, Ms. Felicetta and Rep. Gosar!

If there is a hell, I’m sure it’s for your kind.