In July I was getting so frustrated, unable to set styles such as sizes and colors for various headings.

It should be SUPER SIMPLE to do that.

William sent me a video how to “build” a page:

I don’t get it. Why would ANYONE want to do that much work for every single page or post?

That’s INSANE!

A good theme allows you to apply your customized styles to all your posts, pages, etc. on your site.

An exceptionally well thought out theme would allow you to apply DIFFERENT styles to various post types.  For Example, you copy the style for posts to pages and then make changes as needed.

You should be able to see the various style settings in a table view.   But I’m not even asking for “exceptional”, just “good” would be great.

Unless you WANT every page to look different, do a TON of work, and have NO consistency, don’t use the Divi Builder!

William showed me how to set global styles:

9/4/22 Divi Extra Text Settings

9/4/22 Divi Extra Text Settings

Back in July William wrote that I had found these settings. I had provided a screencast, but now I can’t find it again:

9/4/22 Extra Theme Settings

9/4/22 Extra Theme Settings

Today I clicked around for a seemingly endless time, but couldn’t locate the text settings.  I’m guessing because you have to ruin an ACTUAL post or page to do anything.

William had sent me another screencast with the comment:

Thanks for the video. It appears you haven’t look at your pages or posts.
Here’s a video from my end.

I honestly don’t get it. Why would I want to make changes in a post or page like that?

I’m a writer and use the WP classic editor like many millions of other writers because everything else is CRAP.

I want to change my GLOBAL DEFAULTS.  Why does every screencast involve a page or post?

William wrote:

Also, if you wish to use the Classic Divi builder option, you can enable it under Extra> Theme options > > Builder > Advanced tab.
9/4/22 Divi Extra Theme Builder classic editor

9/4/22 Divi Extra Theme Builder classic editor

I asked whether the Classic builder would be depreciated and William wrote:

The Classic Divi builder option will be available indefinitely, there’s no announcement of removing it from the Theme options yet, as the tool is very helpful to some users who wanted the Classic view.

The only difference is that you will have a different interface in editing your page from the backend and be able to use the classic builder view.

William sent me a screenshot:

9/4/22 Divi Extra Classic Builder

9/4/22 Divi Extra Classic Builder

Is there really NO way to set styles without having to mess up your posts and pages?

If you get ANOTHER theme you will lose EVERYTHING.

One time I accidentally create a post with the Divi Builder and due to so many issues with Divi Extra, tried to see how the site looked in another theme.

All I had was continuous text. 

NIGHTMARISH!   Imagine having to go through thousands of posts to add line breaks and paragraphs.  You can’t automate that since only the author knows where new paragraphs should start.

I’m guessing they deliberately designed Divi to make it super difficult to move to a different theme, create dependency.   No other theme I’ve ever used was like that.

A theme is supposed to add STYLES to your site – not destroy it when you switch to another theme.

Even though my life expectancy is rather short and I got a lifetime Extra license, I don’t know that I can deal with this much longer.

My sites need to be HIGHLY organized and well designed and this is NIGHTMARISH.

FWIW, I’ve used CSS to style my headings and as of now, I haven’t styled much.  Everything is so difficult and I have brain damage affecting my working memory when stressed. And this sure is STRESSFUL.

When I asked William whether they had a page explaining the difference between the two Divi builders he sent me this screenshot:

9/4/22 Difference between Divi Extra Builder and Classic Builder

9/4/22 Difference between Divi Extra Builder and Classic Builder

I don’t get it.

And I just checked, am already using the Classic Editor:

9/4/2022 Divi Extra Classic Builder active

9/4/2022 Divi Extra Classic Builder active

I don’t know when I enabled the Classic Editor.

Still can’t figure out how to add global styles.

Maybe I could create a page called Divi Extra Styles and set it to PRIVATE to create global styles?

9/4/22:  Requested comments from the Divi Extra developer.