For over half an hour I tried to submit a message to the Arizona Medical Board through their web form at

It took me a while to copy the text of my complaint, take the screenshot and save it all in a comprehensive note and then do it all again after I removed the URL of the “For Consumers” page.

I kept getting this error and unlike with other forms, there’s no indication of WHERE the error is:

I’m very stressed right now, just read attorney Kathleen Elder’s lies again and no matter how long I look, I just don’t see what I did wrong.

My name, my email, and my phone number — what is wrong with my message?

I went to the “For Consumers” page to file complaints about the Kingman hospital, doctors and nurses who refused to provide my medical records, falsified my medical records, cannot identify the “health care” provider who almost got me killed, etc. I do not see how to file a complaint.

I’ll appreciate your updating this page with information about how to file a complaint.

Please advise when you accomplished that.


PS: This form is as awful as the “medical care” I received. After a long time of trying to figure out why I received an error when I tried to submit the form, I finally had to remove the link to the “For Consumers” page.

How many of my already limited brain cells did you just kill by stressing me?

What did I do wrong?

Here is the screenshot of my attempted form submission:

9/5/22 Arizona Medical Board form failure

9/5/22 Arizona Medical Board form failure

Here is the “For Consumers” page as of today:

9-5-22 For Consumers AZ Medical Board

9-5-22 “For Consumers” AZ Medical Board

I DID find the info on complaints under REGULATION, in the TOP menu.

Why is there NO link to Regulation at the “For Consumers” page?

The obvious answer is that they don’t WANT consumers to submit complaints.