The Arizona efiling system TurboCourt is so awful, why are the attorneys putting up with this shitshow?

But it doesn’t stop there.

The Kingman superior court has filed and served orders LATE! 

And not just a day late, but literally a week late and they did NOT advise in the email serving the order that it was late.

I had so much stress last week when I had to completely rewrite my response to the defendants’ motion to compel my expert witness affidavits after I realized that the court’s order served on 9/1/22 was actually written on 8/25/22 — PRIOR to my 8/29/22 motion to stay the proceedings until 9/30!

9/12/22 Kingman superior court docket with order filed late

9/12/22 Kingman superior court docket with order filed late

The order dated 8/25/22 requiring me to respond to the defendants’ motion to compel my expert witness affidavits by 9/7/22 was served late afternoon on 9/1 by email and filed on 9/2/22.

The 9/1 email with the 8/25 order contained NO mention of the LATE service.

I did not realize that it was dated 8/25/22 (no date at the bottom of the order with the signature) until I read the order again on 9/7, the due date for my response.

I then realized that this order was NOT the response to my 8/29/22 motion for stay and I had to rewrite my response and had only about 10 hours.   I started filing around 11:30 pm and it took an hour because TurboCourt gave me so many errors.  It took THREE attempts to finally file and somehow I apparently ended up filing a DRAFT for my response last Wednesday night.

Today I received an email from one of the attorneys, advising that my motion ended at page 12.  I had served the old draft and I am so lucky that my backup had the apparently final Word document, everything on my computer had been overwritten with the draft.

I’ve NEVER made a mistake like that but was incredibly stressed last Wednesday when I found out that the court’s order had been served late and that it was NOT the order pertaining to my 8/29 motion for a stay because it was dated 8/25.  I spent at least an hour trying to figure out what happened.  At first I thought that the 8/25 date was a clerical error.  My working memory was so bad I used two external monitors to display the order, and the email, trying to determine what happened.

And today it’s a rerun of that chaos.

I did not realize that I probably filed a DRAFT that ended on p. 12, clearly unfinished as there is no “conclusion” or signature, because the court PROCESSED my filing and I did NOT receive any notice of my error.

Strangely, I could not access the motion online today.

My email to Lacey D. Stewart, Judicial Assistant for Honorable Kenneth L. Gregory who sent the email with the order a week late without any mention of the late service and to Lynda Benshoof, Court Services Supervisor:


Hello Lynda and Lacey:

1) The defendants informed me today that I served an incomplete DRAFT of my 9/7/22 response, it ends at p. 12.

So I checked at TurboCourt to see whether I filed the correct final version (attached) with the court, but I could not access the filing:

Is this because my response was incomplete?

9/12/22 Turbo Court error for my response

9/12/22 Turbo Court error for my response

If so, presumably, I would have received some kind of notice from the court. However, I searched my email including trash and spam and found no notice of an error. Processing was completed at 16:17 on 9/8:

9/8/22 processing of my response completed

9/8/22 processing of my response completed

2) While checking TurboCourt, I noticed that this 8/16/22 order was filed just prior to completion of the processing of my response on 9/8:

8/16/22 Order filed 9/8/22

8/16/22 Order filed 9/8/22


As I stated in my (correct) response, TurboCourt is nightmarish, but it appears that there is just as much chaos created by the court’s disorganization.

Is this chaos a deliberate effort to stress me until I have a heart attack or stroke?

The confusion and chaos are incredibly detrimental to my health and I am therefore adding TurboCourt and the superior court to my new blog category:

“Contributors to my early demise.”

Of course, I want to be ACCURATE in my publications, so please explain what is going on.

3) On 8/28/22 I inquired about the HUGE files when downloading from TurboCourt.

Did I miss your reply?

I’ll greatly appreciate your explanations,

Christine Baker

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Hello Lynda,

I just noticed that my 138kb complaint is now 6,905kb!

And it also seems to be no longer searchable.

Why is this happening?


Christine Baker

TurboCourt huge files for pdfs