I got a lifetime license because I thought Divi was similar to Headway, WYSIWYG. Easy. No such luck.  But, I’m glad they have support.

I MUST get this site organized and I was working on the menu again.

Here are my categories:

9/2/22 Divi categories

9/2/22 my categories

Only the first subcategory, “Aging”, shows in the menu.

9/2/22 Extra menu

9/2/22 Extra menu

I checked the subcategories and there are no options to exclude a subcategory

Each menu click except for my ABOUT page displays the Home page with the most recent posts.

I turned on the Extra “safe mode” and nothing changed.

A VERY nice feature, not having to manually turn off plugins.

9/4/22: Roge with support fixed it for me a few hours later:

Extra settings

Extra settings MODULE settings

I didn’t look there and will have to find all these settings again.  I will have to set up more modules soon to organize the site.

I sure appreciate the support.

I am still so incredibly CONFUSED because I just found out recently that there are TWO DIFFERENT theme builders, something like classic and new.

That’ll be my next Divi Extra post, have to study the support info on that.

As I was looking around, I found two homepage layouts:

9/2/22 Homepage layouts

9/2/22 Homepage layouts

Which one is active?

How does one quickly check what those layouts look like?

Jean wrote on 9/4 that I must use the WORDPRESS menu.  WHY???

This is what gives me brain damage and causes so much frustration.

9/4/22 Extra Theme Options NAVIGATION - menu

If those Divi Extra theme options don’t work, why are they THERE?


The reason why there’s no dropdown menu shown on your menu lists is that you haven’t created any submenu lists on your parent menu. The extra navigation settings only set the parent menu list. If you want to add a submenu (or dropdown menu) to your parent menu items, you must first create a primary menu in WordPress Menu Navigation settings.

Could you please tell me if creating primary menu lists resulted in the absence of dropdown menus?

By the way, I totally agree with you that learning is very frustrating. But once you get used to it, you’ll feel comfortable and creative. Hang in there Christine, you got this!

I don’t get this.

The extra navigation settings only set the parent menu list.

So what is the PURPOSE of those Extra settings?

This theme is NOT functional.

What is all that for?

9/4/22: Divi Extra Navigation Categories

9/4/22: Divi Extra Navigation Categories

What is all this?

“show dropdown menus”, sort categories links by …, order category links by Ascending/Descending?

Who in their right mind would order menu items according to these criteria?  

You order MANUALLY as you see fit.  Although that’s one option I don’t see here.

Navigation General Settings:

9/4/22 Divi Extra Navigation General Settings

9/4/22 Divi Extra Navigation General Settings

What is that supposed to be?

So, since “disable top tier dropdown menu links” is DISABLED, dropdown menu links are ENABLED.

Why not simply state “top tier dropdown menu links” — enabled, disabled …

I know, that would be way too easy for the user to understand.

The WORDPRESS Menu Options:

9/4/22: WordPress Menu Options

9/4/22: WordPress Menu Options

It sure looks to me like the ENTIRE “Navigation” section in Extra is completely useless.

Am I missing something?

I’m going to have to split this post up into several posts.  I had no idea this could all be so screwed up.

9/4/22:  Requested comments from the developer through support chat.  Jean told me to post at Github:


9/4/22 Github re Divi Extra

9/4/22 Github re Divi Extra

This is how I waste my day, had to sign up at Github, wait for code, post AGAIN, …