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The Full Transcript from My 2002 Interview with Ghislaine Maxwell

… So, there you have it—in full, just as Maxwell insisted.

Her false denials condemn her almost as much as the credible testimony of Annie Farmer, which I believed then as now and which was entitled to be told, and all the others.

After my call with Maxwell, I submitted the story to my bosses at Vanity Fair—with the Farmers’ description of events and a general denial from Epstein and Maxwell included. I did my journalistic duty: telling both sides of this ugly story. As I was taught from Day 1, journalism lets the readers to decide. But Vanity Fair had other plans.

There was no subsequent conversation between Maxwell and myself because, shortly after my interview with the Farmer sisters and the follow-up with Maxwell, Epstein paid a visit to Graydon Carter at the Vanity Fair offices, and the Farmers’ allegations were cut from my article and a subsequent blog—to my eternal regret. I have felt deeply for the Farmers ever since. (Carter has said I didn’t have sufficient reporting. I disagree.) I don’t know why Vanity Fair decided not to include the Farmer sisters’ allegations in that 2003 story. As a journalist, I am trained to report what credible people tell me or what other evidence supports, and that’s just what I had done. I don’t know what happened behind closed doors, so I can’t say that anything untoward happened there. I just know what didn’t happen: the allegations never ran. I finally did get their story out in the Daily Beast in 2015, but I was twelve years too late. …

I’d sure like to hear from Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter.

Hopefully, this transcript will help stop Maxwell’s appeal and entice Maxwell to spill the beans on the perverts who abused the girls in exchange for a deal on sentencing.