Netflix series: BROKEN

Episode 1: Makeup Mayhem

It’s shocking to watch young people, our future, lacking BS detectors just like the old people around here. TikTok, Instagram, the influencers, scarcity marketing …

Why are young people so dumb?

Urine and feces in counterfeit makeup and these young people are paying outrageous prices for the popular items.

Interesting interviews with law enforcement in LA, customs, the undercover buyer in China.

Economics 100:  If there’s demand and profits are huge, the product will be made and sold.

It’s just like the War on Drugs.

The only way to stop them is to educate the consumers.  Good luck with that!

It’s odd that they didn’t plug the Environmental Working Group (EWG).  “Authentic” makeup contains so many toxins and is so unregulated.   If you’re using makeup, check out the EWG’s testing, research and verified products: