Recently I watched several interviews on the medicinal use of psychedelics and I ended up determined to score shrooms.  It’s been around 40 years since I last had magic mushrooms and I remember laughing a lot.

Ayahuasca doesn’t appeal to me, most people seem to get super depressed and cry a lot.   I might as well just have a look at the daily news or my Trump-loving hateful community.

While I’ve taken LSD hundreds of times when I was young, I never had the type of experience I’m looking for now.   And I definitely prefer plant-based drugs.

I had my only truly spiritual experience after eating peyote on the Navajo rez over 40 years ago.

The first time I tried peyote I partied with my friends.   The second time I was alone and I hiked up a canyon outside Ft. Defiance on a beautiful afternoon

I was laying on flat rocks on top in the sun and a big black bird gave me all the answers.   From family issues to why humans are so hateful towards foreigners, everything was clear.  I had traveled a lot and was so disturbed by the people in every country I visited hating their neighbors.  They were ALL great people, and all hated each other. Religion, language, race, nationality … so many reasons to hate and fight constant wars.

The main message was that Earth is not supposed to be paradise.  I haven’t been born to fix everything.   And I knew I had to leave Germany, get away from my dysfunctional family — couldn’t fix them either.

This one experience still keeps me going, but I’ve been looking for a sequel.  Unfortunately, peyote has been overharvested and is almost extinct.  So I’ll try psilocybin.

My own experiences definitely confirmed that the SETTING is everything.

Set out to party, it’s a party.   But in the right setting, like on the rez and hiking alone, that did the trick for me.  You get what you want.


I’ve read a lot about micro dosing, especially in the tech sector, and cognitive enhancements.   That’s what I need.  More brains, more energy.

A few months ago a friend left a tiny bit of shrooms for me and it took me months to get around to finally eat it one afternoon.    I couldn’t really feel anything, ended up smoking a lot of weed and watching Pink Floyd in Pompei.   It was good, but not the psilocybin experience I was looking for.

Incredibly, when I woke up the next day, I felt “GOOD”.  

Ready to get out of bed and conquer the world.

I can’t even remember the last time that happened.

Normally, I feel like I just want to sleep more.   Thinking about the countless crap I have to deal with when I wake up is overwhelming, depressing.  It usually takes me several hours to be fully functional and feel like I’ll be able to get stuff done.

Oregon Legalizes a Breakthrough Treatment: Magic Mushrooms

…  There’s robust evidence that therapy with MDMA, or Ecstacy, is an effective treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. And the FDA has deemed psilocybin a “breakthrough therapy” for treating severe depression.

Denver decriminalized psilocybin in 2019. Oakland decriminalized all naturally occurring psychedelics later that year, and Santa Cruz followed in early 2020. The California legislature is considering legalizing several psychedelics statewide. But Oregon is the first state that will establish a legal framework for the sales and use of psychedelics in a therapeutic setting.

Oregon’s law created the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board to work with the health department to create licenses and training programs for manufacturing, selling, and testing psilocybin as well as providing broadly defined “psilocybin services.” …

Way to go!

In the Netherlands you can order online and here’s a site with lots more info:

I’ve thought about growing magic mushrooms, but the harsh high desert climate is the absolute worst to grow any mushrooms.  Cold at night, hot during the day and so DRY!   I’ve tried the culinary mushroom kits and I couldn’t keep up with spraying them numerous times a day.

Times are changing and I hope people won’t just party, but take time out for healing experiences.