Just listened to Dane Wigington’s weekly update for the first time in months and he’s definitely right that the weather sucks.

Much more important, he knows at least as much as I know about the exploitation of the poor countries worldwide by the US and Europe, the military-industrial complex, the theft of resources, the creation of chaos, the destruction of the Amazon, mass extinction of plants and animals, our soils, our food, our health — so the rich get richer and the powerful become more powerful.

If you want to skip chemtrails and weather, you can listen to a rather comprehensive analysis of the state of the planet.  Start around 40:00 and learn about the omnicide.


I’ve been writing about the Covid genocide, but Dane is absolutely right.  We’re facing the extermination of everything alive.

Why don’t the CEOs and legislators care about themselves?

Just because they’re rich and powerful doesn’t mean they’re smart.  Many are psychopaths, lacking empathy and compassion.  Nice guys finish last.

Power is addictive. 

Bezos and Musk are fine examples of imbeciles who think they’re important because they’re super-rich.  And millions of envious plebs admire them.

Most people have literally been programmed by the media to believe that huge amounts of money bring happiness.

When that doesn’t happen, it gets ugly, as with Epstein and so many wealthy perverts.  Always looking for the next thrill.  Sex with girls, boys, torture, …

Lacking awareness.

It’s unlikely that you’re going to kill off humanity through any one of their nefarious activities.  They don’t look at the big picture and are unaware that the sum of their ruthless and cruel actions will no doubt end humanity, likely very soon.

Many are ready to book their flights to the Moon or Mars.

Who needs Earth?


Of course, we NEED the rain, after two years with essentially no rain in the north western Mohave desert.

But we don’t need geoengineered storms.

At https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/ are numerous documentaries.  What in the world are they spraying? is a good one.  If I only had more time.

I do know the difference between contrails (water vapors) and chemtrails.

I am old enough to remember blue skies without chemtrails.

One time we worked in the gardens and we were looking forward to watching the sunset.   All afternoon we saw the chemtrails spreading until we had a solid grey sky by eve.  NO sunset.

Working outdoors, I don’t look at the time, but I frequently look at the sky to see how much daylight we have left.


Another time I was looking down on Kingman, driving from Seligman on I-40.   It was incredible to see the chemtrails over Kingman and Golden Valley:

A rectangle filled with chemtrails, surrounded by blue sky.

I stopped for gas in Kingman, looked up at the grey sky, and the guy at the pump next to me said:


The next day our Meadview sky was covered with solid grey “clouds.”

Lots of food for thought and research:


If we only knew whether they’re “only” changing the weather or whether we’re sprayed with whatever bioweapons, Covid vaccines, bacterial aerosols …

The American government tends to admit to some of its atrocities decades later, so maybe we’ll find out by mid-century.

If humans are still around then.

From https://www.sfweekly.com/news/fear-from-above-chemtrails-vs-conspiracy-theory-in-the-bay-area/

… The chemtrails conspiracy sounds like an extravagant X-Files episode, but so does the government’s history of civilian defense experiments. The most haunting local example is the Army’s biological warfare trials in San Francisco in September 1950.

According to the Army’s Special Report No. 142, drafted in 1951 but unpublicized until the mid-1970s, the Army unleashed six “experimental biological warfare attacks” upon the Bay Area during one week in late September 1950.

As Leonard A. Cole writes in Clouds of Secrecy: The Army’s Germ Warfare Tests Over Populated Areas, the tests consisted of “generating bacterial aerosols from a ship located at various distances offshore.” The two bacterial aerosols deployed — Bacillus globigii and Serratia marcescens — were considered nonpathogenic, so the Army didn’t bother to notify San Franciscans that their city was being treated as a Petri dish in the name of national security.

Cole notes that everybody in San Francisco during that week in September 1950 inhaled 5,000 airborne particles per minute. In the days after the tests, 11 people came down with mysterious infections at the Stanford Hospital in San Francisco. One of them was 75-year-old Edward J. Nevin, a pipefitter retired from PG&E. Nevin had been in the hospital to have his prostate removed, but in the first week of October, he developed a sudden fever. Doctors discovered Serratia marcescens in his urine culture.

A month later, Nevin was dead.

An autopsy concluded that he’d died of bacterial endocarditis, or inflammation of the heart. And while Nevin’s infection was never conclusively traced back to the Army’s tests, the fact that serratia infections had never been reported at the hospital before raised suspicions.

The Army kept mum about its experiment, and it wasn’t until a Newsday reporter uncovered Army memos in 1976 that the public learned of the secret germ tests. Nevin’s family sued the U.S. government for $11 million in 1977, arguing the Army’s test was unlawful and caused Nevin’s death. The family lost the trial. Judge Samuel Conti (an appointee of Richard Nixon) ruled that the Army tests were part of national planning and thus exempt from prosecution. Further, the Army had exercised caution in selecting which aerosols to disperse, Conti declared. … [Emphasis added]

And that is how it goes.

By causing the extremely polarized division of America, creating Qanon, making racism and fascism the new normal in rural America, they eliminated any chance of resistance against this madness.

Divide and conquer — works every time.

Alt-right gun nut Luca Zanna once investigated chemtrails and contamination in Golden Valley.  I tried to get in touch with him a few years ago when I found out about Chromium-6 in the Golden Valley drinking water.

Trump and his cronies may not even know it, but they made a united and meaningful resistance impossible.  TRUTH is now BELIEF.

WHY are so many people so dumb?

So incredibly misinformed, uneducated.  With no BS detector whatsoever.

Sadly, most of my liberal friends are only slightly ahead of the Qanon people.

I actually don’t know a single person personally who understands what’s on the line and tries to do something about it.