I need to serve all the defendants and have been contacting the corporate defendants, North Country, Southwest Behavioral, More MD and KRMC.

Exhibit 4 is the 2/4/20 KRMC report:


The report lists Levi Ballstaedt as “ED Midlevel Provider” on page 4.

Numerous times I tried to get my medical records from KRMC, but they insisted that everything is in the Patient Portal and I haven’t seen any other report from DO Ballstaedt.  Of course, I could have missed it, since my stress level goes way up every time I look at those lies.  I’m currently working on a list of FALSE statements in this report.

KRMC agreed to accept service and advised that Levi Ballstaed is no longer with KRMC.  They provided the email for the KRMC compliance officer Christopher Porter MD, and I emailed yesterday:


Hello Mr. Porter,

KRMC asked me to contact you as chief compliance officer with questions regarding my lawsuit, posted at https://repairthebrain.com/docs/1-28-22-complaint-and-exhibits/

They informed me that defendant Levi Ballstaedt is no longer with KRMC.   I don’t even know how he was involved.  Can you tell me what his role was?  Where did he go from KRMC?

Can you please identify the person who interviewed me online and decided to send me to the Loony Bin?

I have repeatedly requested all medical records from KRMC and they told me it’s all in the Patient Portal.   Due to my brain damage, it is possible that I have not found that report.

I very much appreciate your assistance,

Christine Baker

I have not yet received a response and started research on Levi Ballstaedt.   Apparently, he is now with Adventist Health in Sonora, California.


Levi Ballstaedt, DO, is an emergency medicine physician caring for patients of all ages in Adventist Health Sonora’s emergency department. Ballstaedt received his undergraduate degree in exercise and sports medicine at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah. He obtained his medical degree from Western University in Pomona, California. He just completed his residency at Kingman Regional Medical Center in Kingman, Arizona.

Dr. Ballstaedt was inspired to practice medicine in order to help people in an immediate and tangible way. He loves that his job allows him to meet a variety of people, think on his feet and offer patients relief when they are most vulnerable. Aside from a thorough examination, he believes the best care is offered through listening, educating and consulting with patients while having compassionate and friendly communication.

Dr. Ballstaedt is married and has two young children. In his spare time he enjoys snow skiing, biking, water sports and home projects.

Looking at his picture, I’m 99% certain that he interviewed me online while I was at KRMC ER and he sent me to the Loony Bin.  

I’m just so confused.  Exercise and sports medicine?

His specialty is emergency medicine.


It was easy to find Levi Ballstaedt on Facebook and I sent him a private message.  I can have him served at the hospital or if he prefers, he can accept or waive service. His choice.

And if he is in fact the person who did the interview at KRMC, I no longer have to worry about identifying John Doe.