UPDATE: As of 8/28/23 I have not received a response from anyone at the County including District 4 Supervisor Jean Bishop.  The sociopaths and psychopaths running this county have no empathy, no compassion, and no sense of right and wrong.

NOBODY gives a rat’s ass about the poor and ill in Mohave County?

I did not have the many thousands of dollars required to retain an attorney from outside Mohave County to take on our evil government.

Christine Baker
PO Box 858
Meadview, AZ 86444


I hereby submit the following claims and information relating to Mohave County’s refusal to assist severely mentally ill and homeless Elliot and subsequent harassment by the Sheriff’s Office.


On 8/4/22 I saw Elliot on my way to Kingman near Mile Marker 15 on Stockton Hill Rd. north of Kingman sitting in the desert next to the road.  As it was incredibly hot I turned around to offer assistance and he refused a ride to Kingman.

Elliot was unable to communicate, state his name, and answer questions – “I’m fine” or “I think I’m fine” seemed to be the extent of his vocabulary.

I called 911 to have Elliot picked up for evaluation and treatment pursuant to ARS Title 36, but the 911 operator refused to assist, was already aware that Elliot was dying in the desert, and offered to have a deputy call me. Deputy Rider then essentially claimed that Elliot must be left to die in 100+ F temperatures as having him picked up for evaluation would violate Elliot’s civil rights.

I posted in a Meadview Facebook group about Elliot and others stated that they had also called 911 to have Elliot picked up and they were also refused assistance.

I learned that Mohave County emergency responders had been ordered to refuse to assist Elliot despite countless calls from the public requesting help for Elliot.

The Mohave County Attorney’s Office and Sheriff’s Office had apparently decided to leave Elliot in the desert to die in 100+ F temperatures during countless monsoon storms and raging flash floods.

On 8/8/22, after countless futile calls with County Attorney’s Office employees, 911, Crisis Line, sheriff’s deputies and River Medical having declined to assist Elliot, I finally scheduled with Crisis Line to have Elliot picked up.

Crisis Line required me to be at Elliot’s location and I almost fainted (heat stroke) as I was sitting in 107 F in my truck without A/C in the desert for an hour while waiting for them.

Crisis Line then informed me that they could not locate Mile Marker 15 on Stockton Hill Rd. and refused to assist despite my pleas.

I suspect that Crisis Line was ordered by sheriff’s deputies to leave Elliot to die in the desert.

Crisis Line hung up on me, I called again, and they again refused to assist. I pleaded with them to pick up Elliot before he died, and when they were about to hang up on me again, I stated that I would kill myself if Elliot died. Crisis Line then called the sheriff on me.

I fled, sped through flash floods and I was afraid to spend the night at my home, terrified of incarceration in the Loony Bin and my old blind dog dying alone at home.

On 8/10/22, after conducting extensive research and again countless calls and emails, Southwest Behavioral required that I personally deliver my notarized Application for Elliot’s Emergency Admission for Evaluation pursuant to ARS 36-524. Paula Brungardt denied the application. My complaint with the Nursing Board is pending.

On 8/14/22 I filed an Emergency Motion in my lawsuit against Southwest Behavioral, asking that Southwest be ordered to evaluate Elliot as required by Arizona Title 36. Judge Kenneth Gregory denied my motion and suggested that I contact the County Attorney’s Office.

With no other options, and as Elliot was literally dying in the desert, I again contacted the County Attorney’s Office, this time through its website.  I received no response.  I called, was again lectured on Elliot’s civil rights and was hung up on by several employees.  Eventually, I received attorney Brian Esplin’s email address.

I emailed attorney Esplin and again I was ignored. After more emails and calls, attorney Esplin finally responded and he also decided to leave Elliot to die in the desert. As did county attorney Matthew Smith in subsequent email correspondence.

Some of my efforts to save Elliot’s life, audio recordings, transcripts, images, other documentation, and my Emergency Motion filed in superior court are posted at my website:

Mohave County abandons gravely ill homeless man to die in the desert in violation of Arizona state law

On 8/31/22 deputies tried to get me killed again after I demanded my medical billing records from Care 1st insurance for the umpteenth time.

Care 1st health insurer refuses to provide my records and is “swatting” me

My email to Care 1st:

Whether it’s a heart attack, stroke, accident, …. you did your part to make it happen. I’m glad I woke up today, but you definitely shortened my life expectancy. Even if the stress you maliciously inflicted doesn’t kill me, I certainly will be running out of money to live on much sooner and will therefore have to kill myself sooner.

You maliciously inflicted so much emotional distress.

Care 1st failed to provide my records, but reported me as suicidal to the sheriff.

And again the next day:

Care 1st “swatted” me again and Crisis Line threatened to title me — I’ll be joining the HOMELESS

Deputies called and then came to my house for no good reason whatsoever – after all, I still hoped for a year or two before I had to kill myself due to lack of income ($289 social security does not go far). I fled, ran into the desert (PTSD) and it’s a miracle that I didn’t fall (it was dark) or suffer a heart attack.

The next morning two deputies were banging on my door, again maliciously trying to inflict a heart attack or stroke.

Despite my properly completed and notarized Application for Elliot’s Emergency Admission for Evaluation pursuant to ARS 36-524, County Attorney Smith refused to tell me what happened to Elliot as he was no longer by the road and I was so worried that he had walked into the desert and died like another man a few weeks earlier.


Eventually, after countless hours of research, I located Elliot’s family and was advised that Elliot was picked up after his family retained an attorney.

The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, County Attorney’s Office, 911, Crisis Line, Southwest Behavioral, and possibly others conspired to leave Elliot and presumably all homeless mentally ill persons to die.

Republican Arizona Attorney General Brnovich refused to investigate my complaint about Mohave County’s malicious refusal to comply with ARS Title 36.  I will submit a new complaint to our new AG Kris Mayes. We shall see whether democrats have a little more compassion for us little people and respect for the law.

Attorneys Smith and Esplin and sheriff Schuster should be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law – just like the police officers who murdered George Floyd or looked on and did NOTHING to help him.

How many homeless and mentally ill like Elliot does Mohave County exterminate year after year with impunity?

Are they all psychopaths with no compassion and no empathy, thriving on causing misery and death?

It is truly a miracle that I lived to submit this Notice of Claim.


Personal Injury due to Mohave County’s negligence, its willful and malicious refusals to comply with and enforce ARS Title 36 and subsequent retaliation, threatening to incarcerate me in the Loony Bin.

1) Mohave County inflicted severe emotional distress causing brain damage including severe PTSD, having to drive hundreds of miles, and being unable to work because I spent literally several hundred hours communicating with the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, County Attorney’s Office, 911, Crisis Line and others, researching the law and preparing the denied motion to order Southwest Behavioral to pick up Elliot, and being hounded and by deputies who wanted to lock me up in the Loony Bin while they left Elliot to die in the desert.

2) I have been unable to effectively pursue my litigation against my “healthcare” providers. Mohave County threatened to incarcerate me in the Loony Bin when I tried to make it clear to my health insurer Care 1st that their refusal to provide my billing records contributes to my early demise. I have been too traumatized to continue my quest for my medical billing records and to work on my litigation.

3) As I have extremely high blood pressure when stressed, I am continually worried about having a heart attack or stroke as I live alone and have pets. Many pets starve to death by the time their dead owners are found weeks later. I have been told that dogs that ate their dead owners are killed.

I have had to prepare for my death instead of earning a living, which is obviously very depressing and very negatively impacting my health.


County Attorney’s Office: Ryan Esplin, Matthew Smith and others.
Mohave County Sheriff’s Office: Sheriff Schuster, deputies and employees.
911 employees.
Crisis Line and its employees.
Southwest Behavioral (Kingman Loony Bin) and its employees.
Kingman Superior Court
Many other witnesses to be identified

The County Attorney’s Office is obviously in possession of our email correspondence, 911 and the Sheriff’s Office have the recorded calls from other concerned residents who requested assistance for Elliot and of course my many calls.

Additionally, I have many audio recordings, pictures and video and I posted info at repairthebrain.com


My damages include but are not limited to suffering severe emotional distress causing brain damage including PTSD, having to drive hundreds of miles, and being unable to work.

I am seeking:

1) $80,000 in compensatory damages.

2) Mohave County’s full compliance with all sections of ARS Title 36 to stop the systemic extermination of the mentally ill homeless in Mohave County.

3) A letter by the Mohave County Attorney instructing sheriff’s deputies that I have the right to state publicly that I will commit suicide when I can no longer afford to live because I have no money and/or am ill and/or in pain and to not harass and hound me due to obviously false reports of me being suicidal.

A “wellness check” is to be limited to a phone call and if I do not answer my phone, to a check at my home, and if I ask them to leave, they are to leave immediately.

I certify under penalty of perjury that my statements are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Signed this 6th day of February, 2023

Christine Baker

c: [this URL]