There’s nothing I can do to actually use this crap.   I signed up for their family plan in 11/2000 because I thought having access to the latest Word would make it easier to do my legal filings and I was supposed to get 6 TB of drive storage, very handy for website backups.

However, there’s nothing I can do to actually use it.  Wasted two hours today, but earlier this year I wasted a lot more time and finally gave up.

Paid $100 for NOTHING.

Just canceled this service from hell (that was hard too, kept getting errors as I tried to turn off recurring billing) and already installed Open Office.   The only reason I’m even running this virus called “Windows” is that so much business software isn’t available for Unix.    On a slow day, I’ll have to assess whether I can get decent mail and PIM software for Unix.  Maybe run an old machine with Windows for when I have to access old data.

I’m so incredibly sick and tired of evil corporations like Microsoft discriminating against people who don’t have these God damned cell phones or don’t want to be MARKETED.

MS specifically states that ANY phone number can be used, but of course they lied: