Today I received this email from help@beyondorganicdoctors.com.   They probably got my email from signing up for the docuseries Beyond Organics.

Exciting news!

My good friend Dr. Joshua Levitt from UpWellness is giving away one of his best selling products and your email just got picked for today’s random-draw giveaway!

Your reward?

A FREE bottle of our bestselling pain relief protocol – Golden Revive+

All you need to do is click here now to claim it. …

And I just replied:


I have two questions for you:

1) What was your process for the “drawing?”

2)  Why do you lie?

There’s NOTHING free, it’s $12.95, so after shipping, you make about $10.


Christine Baker

I will update with their response.

10/31/21 UPDATE:

I have not received a response.