I’m sure Adobe stated that I can’t cancel their Acrobat subscription without this EARLY CANCELLATION FEE somewhere in their small print.  Because I’m in litigation and courts require PDFs, I have to pay these thugs AGAIN and AGAIN.

I’ve bought Adobe and other pdf software so many times, but you continually have to PAY them for new releases as their software becomes dysfunctional.   Was trying to save over 30 files with Acrobat X and can’t figure out how to change the default directory to save to.   It takes about 6 clicks to save each file in the correct directory.   Did a web search and yes, countless others have the same problem with not being able to change the default directory to save to.

Remembered that I had the online $14.99 subscription, which I hadn’t used since I recently reinstalled my system.

Logged in and decided to cancel since money doesn’t grow on trees around here and I just was charged until 6/29.   Thought I could get by with the free DC Reader to hopefully be able to save in the right directory and use Acrobat X to modify pdfs.

If I could only figure out how to CANCEL so that my subscription ends whenever my year is up.

Microsoft and all these mega-corporations and their vile investors accumulate so much wealth at our expense with their SUBSCRIPTIONS.

If anyone knows how to cancel the Adobe Acrobat subscription so the charges stop when my year is up, please let me know.

There’s no way I’ll remember to cancel and if I die, which is quite likely, they’ll continue to charge my credit card until it is closed or in default.   My heirs will have NO idea how to deal with this crap, have to include in my death instructions to NOT pay any credit cards and “try” to close the accounts immediately.  Non payment is probably the easiest way to get recurring charges rejected.

This is how my already damaged brain is WASTED, on CRAP like this.