I wear contacts and normally use my left eye for driving and the right eye for reading/computer.   Both eyes are around -6.5, and for the VCS eye test I replaced the driving lense with the -5.0 reading lense in my left eye.

FAILED the test and don’t know what to do about it.


I’ve driven around locally just fine, which is why I forgot to switch contacts back to the driving lense.  And, doing my brain exercises at brainhq.com I think I do better with the -5.0 in both eyes.  But have to go to Kingman soon.

Tried to take the lense out and couldn’t.  Like it wasn’t there, did it fall out?  So I put another -6.5 contact in, clearly, a bad move as I could see hardly anything with the left eye, and definitely had two contacts in my eye.

Then I got really stressed because I couldn’t get them out. 

It took forever.  Eventually, I got the second lense out.

Finally back to BLURRY vision with just one -6.5

Really would like to go back to the -5.0 for reading as my vision was much better.   But decided to wait as I couldn’t get it out, my eye was getting red and I need an eye infection like a hole in the head.

I use the 30-day Day & Night lenses.  Focusing on faraway objects in my garden, I see better with my right eye.

Took some online vision tests, and failed everything with the left eye.

Got a printed letter and no matter how far I move it away from me, I can’t read it!

WTF is going on with my left eye?

Even checked the trash to make sure I got the -6.5 lens, although, I obviously would see the same as with my right eye if it was the -5.0.

The obvious solution is of course to see an eye doctor.  Unfortunately, Kokopelli Eye was shut down for billing fraud.  They were so good.  Everybody recommended them.  I was referred because the Walmart doctor referred me to a “real” eye doctor when my retina had separated a little.

What do I do now? 

I always get confused:

  • Ophthalmologist: Medical and Surgical Eye Care
  • Optometrist (OD): Vision Care and Eye Care Services
  • Optician: Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses


Since I’m on Arizona’s AHCCCS, I can’t go to Vegas.   Got my last prescription at Costco.  Maybe my prescription just changed dramatically all of a sudden.  Wouldn’t be the first time, as I went from about -3.5 to -6.0 in a year or two, I thought I was going blind!  At least 15 years ago.

Back to Wal-Mart?

Just don’t understand WHY I can’t read a typed letter at ANY distance from my left eye.  Same with both of my computer screens, can’t read anything.

Update:  This entire incident is an EXCELLENT example of my brain damage.   I just can’t think straight when I’m very stressed as all day today, nothing but computer problems, attorney emails and the self-induced problems caused by my own stupidity, doing totally ILLOGICAL things like putting a second contact in my eye!

Went to do some work outside, but the blurry vision was so distracting, finally tried taking out the contact again.   Hadn’t realized that my fingers had to be DRY.  I had washed my hands previously but did not dry my fingertips, apparently.

Tip of the day: DRY fingers to take contacts out.

So I put the -5.0 lens back in and my vision was not nearly as blurry.    BUT, I still can’t read a letter or what’s on the screen at ANY distance.

Logic:   Does this mean that the -5.0 is STILL to strong?

Update 6/3:  Spent hours calling around.   Finally set up an appointment at Mohave Eye on 6/29.  Unreal. Can’t wait that long.  I even tried Wal-Mart for a new prescription, but they’re also booked for two weeks.

Ended up scheduling an appointment for a new prescription at Costco in two weeks.    If I’m lucky, that’ll fix the problem and I can cancel Mohave Eye.

Update 6/8:   A neighbor loaned me his reading glasses and that helped a lot.   Unfortunately, I misplaced them the next day and I have yet to find them again.   Bought another pair and I can definitely read a lot better, but it is weird having to take the glasses off every time I get up because I almost get dizzy walking with the reading glasses.  And I’ve misplaced them several times already again, but eventually found them.

Am constantly changing zoom in my apps and in Windows, when I sit at the computer for hours I prefer to work without the glasses, but some apps don’t resize well.

I am so glad for contacts and can’t wait for my Costco appointment!