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According to Trump’s physician’s written statement, he was treated with vitamin D, zinc and melatonin.

Please take a couple of minutes to demand that EVERYBODY can learn how to stay and get well!

I added my own message to the petition:

How about you ARREST and PROSECUTE Trump, who is telling us to “not be afraid” of C-19 and he even described getting Covid-19 as a way to feel better than 20 years ago.

I would certainly like to feel better than I did 20 years ago too!

How can I get this wonderful miracle cure for aging, Covid-19, so I can reverse 20 years of aging?

I can’t stand hearing Trump’s countless lies and the FDA doing NOTHING!

From https://anh-usa.org/president-treated-with-natural-medicine/

President Treated with Natural Medicine

October 8, 2020

So why are federal agencies continuing to block us from learning about using natural medicine to stay healthy? Action Alert!

Following the announcement that President Trump tested positive for COVID-19, reports tell us that he is receiving Regeneron’s monoclonal antibody, which is not yet FDA-approved, in addition to zinc, vitamin D, famotidine, melatonin and aspirin as a daily preventative. The president is presumably receiving the best medical care available, and this regimen includes natural medicine. It is scandalous that federal agencies are gagging doctors who dare to mention the benefits of these vital medicines for COVID-19 prevention and treatment.

President Trump’s regimen does not seem to include hydroxychloroquine or quercetin. We’ve reported in the past that quercetin and hydroxychloroquine work by helping get zinc into cells. High concentrations of zinc inside cells inhibit the replication of RNA viruses such as COVID-19, but due to zinc’s other characteristics, cells do not typically tolerate high levels of this mineral. Since Trump took hydroxychloroquine before, is he taking it without mentioning it?

The inclusion of melatonin is interesting. Research suggests that it may be useful as a preventative, and there is good research behind it as an anti-inflammatory that is rarely mentioned; an exception is Frank Shallenberger MD, prominent natural medicine doctor, who has recommended it.

The doctors added remdesivir to the treatment list after the first list of treatments mentioned above was released. Why was it added? Could there have been a fear that if it were not included it would spoil the commercial prospects of the drug? We know that the drug failed to cure in trial although it was found to shorten hospital stay by three days.

It is shameful that the president’s own doctors include a number of natural medicines like vitamin D in his treatment regimen, but federal agencies block us from learning about these treatments.  Studies show, for example, that COVID-19 deaths correlate almost perfectly with vitamin D level, yet the FDA and FTC have sent warning letters to doctors and individuals who share basic information about the ability of vitamin D to help prevent or treat COVID-19. (You can find information about how natural medicines can help with COVID-19 on our website here.)

If we have any hope of improving healthcare in this country, this arrangement needs to change.

Action Alert! Sign our petition that seeks to reform a healthcare system that blocks access to natural treatments that generally cannot go through FDA approval. Please send your message immediately.

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