Another Darwin award winner.

More importantly, why are our governments allowing these imbeciles to threaten hospital staff?

QAnon Star Who Said Only ‘Idiots’ Get Vax Dies of COVID

A leading QAnon promoter who urged both her followers and strangers she passed on the street not to take the COVID vaccine died Thursday of the coronavirus, making her just the latest vaccine opponent killed by the disease. …

… After Weldon’s death, her QAnon allies threatened to pursue violent action against staff at the hospital where she died. Scott McKay, a QAnon personality known as the “Patriot Streetfighter,” said he would publicize the names of doctors and nurses involved in treating Weldon, saying he wanted to “put the fear into these medical professionals” in a Telegram post. McKay proposed the hospital staff be sentenced to death, or be murdered in vigilante violence.  …

It’s rather obvious that the ultimate goal is civil war and violence.  The government is WITH these morons, and not only in Mohave County:

Mohave County TERRORISTS are threatening to kill protesters – claim police back them 100%