Received an email with coupons for Smiths organics today and spent some time clipping coupons.

The best coupon is the one for $15 off the first three pickups and I will be taking advantage of that. 

Am late with shopping for my organic friend and it’s aggravating to see how people who aren’t on the internet get screwed.  But, he’s 80 years old and unlike most people in Meadview, he is both physically and mentally fit.  However, he had to stop driving several years ago because he got terrible headaches sitting close to the engine and he sold his car.  So I’ve been shopping for him.

Was thinking about using one of my coupons for his order, but you can only use them once per day.   Maybe I should see if a friend could bring back my order on a different day.  Hate to leave the money on the table and I don’t have any trouble coming up with $75 at Smiths.

Smith now lets you sort their digital coupons by ORGANICS.  

It so sucks that most Simple Truth items are actually NOT organic and they all look the same.

On a slow day, I’ll have to contact their corporate office to request different COLORS for organics, like Safeway.  You can’t confuse the O-organics.

The savings are pretty good, over $48.   Had a $10 off produce coupon in addition to the $15 for ordering online, that helped.

But it’s incredibly frustrating to go through all the sales and literally have tampons next to ground beef next to pasta next to apples…


And checkout was horrific, had to click numerous times to add my card, kept getting some error, and then paying didn’t work at all.   I probably clicked to pay over 20 times, so frustrated, went to check the card info several times and every time the 3 digit security code was missing, got update errors, eventually had to call the bank and it showed about 4 declines.

The web is so broken.