So many died and continue to die.  After 2 years I’m not aware of a single country doing anything to create a HEALTHY population.

So cruel, so dimwitted, so corrupt …

Why has NOTHING been done to improve the overall health and immune system?

Who here is so incredibly DUMB that they don’t get that we should have transitioned to all organic food production, banned harmful chemicals, lowered the enormous stress inflicted on the general population?

Who here doesn’t get that we’d save TRILLIONS of dollars on healthcare costs if we lowered stress and provided organic food and integrative healthcare to all?

I requested a routine blood panel on 1/2/22 from North Country, my primary care provider.  Luckily, I got an inheritance and could pay for it myself — am still waiting for the insurance approval.  What a shitshow!

Overall, this is another awful article, with all sorts of statistics on excess mortality and no real analysis, apparently paid for by Big Pharma.

… Booster campaigns seem like an obvious opportunity for easy public-health gains, yet remarkably few Americans seem to think it’s worth the trouble. Why? For everything we think we know about the pandemic and how people have responded to it, that one remains a maddening mystery. …

And this from a publication claiming intelligence.

Is anyone surprised that people can’t take this madness anymore and drink themselves to death?

… Researchers sifted through death certificates to tally deaths in which alcohol was found to be an underlying or contributing cause. They determined that more than 99,000 people suffered alcohol-related deaths in 2020 — a 25.5 percent spike over the previous year. More adults under 65 died from alcohol-related factors (74,408) than from COVID-19 (74,075) in 2020. …

Covid was and still is such a wonderful opportunity to re-evaluate our lifestyles, to get the kids out of classrooms and into workshops, greenhouses and gardens, to create better lives for all.

Another opportunity missed.