I’ve read that just going camping for a week with no electronics / lights will totally reset your sleep habits and most people start going to bed much earlier.

But I just really prefer to wake up late because in summer it’s fewer hours until it gets dark and cools off.   And in winter it’s ice cold in the morning, WHY get up to FREEZE?

I’m already cold at night and it’s still around 80s in the house.  About 85 F is my favorite temperature.  And in summer it often doesn’t even cool off until midnight.  I always open the windows when it’s cooler outside than in the house, so I pay attention.

When I finally finish my living room walls, it should be much warmer at my place in winter.   I can’t wait to see how warm it will be after a few hours of sunshine through the mostly glass east wall.  In summer I’ll of course close the shutters at night to keep it cooler.

So the many gadgets to simulate sunrise don’t really appeal to me.   Since I can work my own hours, it would be great to live more natural and I’m definitely trying to go to bed earlier.   2 – 3 am is just not good.

And I’m learning a lot about the circadian rythm in Ari Whittel’s class.

I’m not sure how helpful this test is:


My answers and the results: