A few weeks ago music was briefly discussed in the Brain Booster group.   I had been so stressed and busy, I completely forgot to listen to music.

I discovered the Avishai Cohen Trio as I was looking for brain music.  Something new, different instruments, sounds, and rhythms, to surprise my brain.  I’ve never been big on jazz.

I was glued to the monitor — listening while working was NOT an option!

Avishai Cohen – bass, vocals Elchin Shirinov – piano Roni Kaspi – drums

I’ve since watched several of their concerts and a number of Roni solos.   That girl kicks ass!

Once again I’ve been so busy and stressed, trying to get Elliot to the hospital since Thursday while worried they’ll lock me up again instead.


Slept only a few hours Friday morning (went to bed around 6 am, very bad for my brain) and then so much more stress yesterday, and I still don’t know whether Elliot finally got the help he needs.

Brain fog today.  Exhaustion.  Moving slow.  Researched Title 36 and Arizona law.

I have legal deadlines and need to kick ass.

Time for MUSIC to wake up my brain!

And then frustration and stress because I couldn’t remember any of the musicians’ names and it took at least 15 minutes to find the Avishai Cohen Trio again. 

Now that I’m posting it here, I won’t have that problem again. 🙂

I listened to the concert while cleaning the kitchen and sauteeing onions and garlic for a real meal tonight.   I’m overdosing on crap food and sugar.  Had no time and inclination to cook for days, and am too tired to stand in the kitchen at night when I’m finally done working.

Even have some purple asparagus, it started producing again after the rain.  Why does purple asparagus taste so much better than the green variety?

Most of the time I eat the occasional stalk in the garden as I harvest.

Get your prebiotics:

So I just watched the encore again, Seven Seas and Remembering.

There’s something about SEEING the performance, and I cannot focus on work or even just write this post while listening.

When I first discovered them, I “wasted” hours watching concerts and Roni solos.   They took over my brain.

It has long been established that music has very beneficial impacts on the brain and Symphony Central Coast has a 2019 article with links to studies:


If you’re a classical music devotee, you already know that the musical stylings of Beethoven, Vivaldi or Bach can transport you to another realm. For others, these masterpieces come just as a mere tune played in the doctor’s waiting room. Regardless of how you feel about classical music, research shows that classical music can affect the brain in a variety of positive ways, from boosting memory to aiding relaxation.

Brainpower and cognitive function

Relaxation and reduced stress

Improved memory

Assisted sleep

BrainHQ also has studies about music and brain function.   I used to have a very hard time with the audio exercises but dramatically improved.


And I finally remember that I first found the Avishai Cohen Trio after listening to Neil Slade, the amygdala guy:


Sometimes YouTube suggestions and autoplay aren’t so bad!

On to some classical study music now or I’ll never get my legal work done.

Oh crap, just saw that Elliot is still out there in the desert.  River Medical left him there.  Unreal.