8/12/22 Friday UPDATE:  I am working on my emergency motion to file with the superior court.

Southwest Behavioral REJECTED my EMERGENCY APPLICATION to have Elliot picked up, examined and treated.

I wanted to file my motion last night, but I’m overwhelmed by the events and three trips to Kingman since last Thursday.  This motion and my exhibits will hopefully not only get Elliot the help he so desperately needs, but it’s a starting point for my regulatory complaints.

Unfortunately, the AZ Attorney General’s office also ignored me and I may have to get the federal government involved to stop the systemic extermination of the poor, sick and mentally ill. Human rights?  Civil rights?  I don’t know …

I will update with my motion and exhibits in a much more organized manner ASAP.   Organizing is very hard for me due to my brain damage (working memory), but I’ll also try to reorganize this post “soon.”

8/6/22 3 am:   I have about 15 hours in this post and my brain is fried.  I still have to fix a few things after I slept.

After calling the suicide hotline and crisis counselors I was about ready to shoot myself.   Nobody could care less about mentally ill homeless people.

And then I realized that according to deputy Rider, we need a licensed NURSE or DOCTOR to go out to see the guy and to determine that he needs to be institutionalized for mental health assessment.

1 PM:   Did some more research and apparently, deputy Rider lied to me.


What are the standards for court ordered evaluation and treatment?

The standards are:

  • Danger to Self (DTS) – Imminent risk of serious harm to oneself; does not have to be intentional.
  • Danger to Others (DTO) – Imminent risk of serious harm to other people; does not have to be intentional.
  • GD (Grave Disability) – Inability to care for basic daily needs of food, clothing, shelter, medical care. Chronic even with treatment.
  • PAD (Persistent or Acute Disability) – Significantly suffering due to untreated mental health disorder; unable to understand advantages vs. disadvantages of various treatment options; likely to benefit from treatment.
  • The person must be unable or unwilling to accept treatment voluntarily; the assessment of voluntariness is not solely determined by whether the patient says they are willing to cooperate with voluntary treatment; the physician can consider demonstrated history of cooperation with treatment recommendations. [Emphasis added]

Who can file a petition for court ordered evaluation?

Any responsible person can file an application for a court ordered evaluation if they believe that, due to a mental disorder, a person is:

  1. a danger to self,
  2. a danger to others,
  3. gravely disabled, or
  4. persistently and acutely disabled.

Usually the person filing is a social worker, family member, or friend. The application asks a mental health agency to conduct an evaluation to determine whether the person is in need of court ordered evaluation for potential court ordered treatment for their mental disorder.  These agencies are known as screening agencies; the initial application is turned into them.

I could have gone to the court on Thursday while in Kingman to get the court order. 

Deputy Rider is such an asshole and I’ll do what it takes to get a full investigation.

8/5/22 Friday: 

On my way to Kingman yesterday I noticed a pile of trash by the side of the road, but as I drove by I saw a man sitting there.  So I turned around and talked to him. He has severe mental health issues and could not answer the simplest questions.

I finally said I was going to get my truck closer so I could get my phone to record without being too obvious.   I sat down with him, recently learned that when talking to people with dementia who are upset or afraid, you’re supposed to look up at them to be less threatening and intimidating. At least I wasn’t looking down at him anymore.

I thought that he had a domestic dispute and his S/O dropped him off with food, water, a sleeping bag, and a tent. He couldn’t possibly be carrying all that stuff.

But I couldn’t get his name, age or any useful info. His eyes were shifting all over, he was definitely very stressed when I asked questions.  It seemed like he wanted to talk, but was mostly stuttering.

He didn’t want a ride to Kingman and the only words I understood were “I’m fine”, “you’re fine”, and “bless” or “blessings.”

His right eye was almost closed the entire time.  He looked awful.  His boot had a hole in the sole, just about no shoestrings and one of his pants legs was almost ripped off.

The audio of my first stop

The cars were roaring by and his voice was very low, so I increased the volume of our voices and especially his voice.

I didn’t think I’d EVER want someone in that shithole Loony Bin (Southwest), but I pulled over after about a mile and called 911.

Immediately, I was advised that they were aware and that he was “fine.”

I tried to explain that he wasn’t fine at all and needed mental help, but they refused to assist, asked whether they wanted a deputy to call me, which I said I’d appreciate.

Deputy Rider with the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office refused to assist

Checking out at True Value, my phone was ringing and I was glad the deputy called several times and I got to talk to him in my truck.

Deputy Rider told me that the man has the right to be there as per Arizona law.

And I agree, there are legal issues and the laws must be changed.

But deputy Rider also made several ludicrous arguments, everything from mute persons not having to be institutionalized to not having to speak to your neighbor and he repeatedly contradicted himself.

Deputy Rider refused to state whether a mental health expert had examined the man.

Extra special:  If someone refuses medical care after they lost a leg and are bleeding out, they will not be treated.  That’s despite the fact that anyone refusing medical help with a missing leg and bleeding out is clearly not right in the head — either absurdly drunk, on drugs, or in shock.   It often happens that after an accident people feel no pain at all and don’t even realize that they are injured.

I’d like to see the reports of such incidents.

Is deputy Rider not quite right in the head?

On the way home, a little after 5 pm, I stopped again.

8/4/22 Mentally ill homeless man abandoned in Mohave County

8/4/22 Mentally ill homeless man abandoned and left to die in the desert in Mohave County

He looked better, was standing and his eye didn’t look so bad anymore, but he was still unresponsive and unable to tell me his name.  He refused my offer to come to my place.  His tent was still in the box, dark clouds above.  He refused help with setting up the tent.

I had to seriously increase the volume for this recording too, he was so soft-spoken.  Very insecure?  Afraid?

“I think I’m ok” was all I could understand.

My friend Leo Goding told everybody who checked on him “I’m ok, I’m ok” until he didn’t say that anymore because he was dead:


I had frozen food for a friend in Meadview in the truck and couldn’t stay long.

When I got home I inquired in the FB group “All Things Meadview” whether he had been discussed and whether anyone had taken action to help him

So many people knew about him, brought him food, water and “stuff”, and several had even called 911.

Nobody took further action to save this man’s life.

Some of the FB comments at https://www.facebook.com/groups/meadview/posts/996449387692499/

“He refuses help from authorities”

“he was on the corner of Thompson and 66 there are dozens of people who tried to help him in many ways and he always refused everyone”

“This man is clearly wandering around wherever he wants and that’s what he chooses to do, May as well get use to the situation for its only going to get worse,”

“we stopped and asked if he was alright, it was just after dark and he said I’m alright man! Thank you. He had a case of water, sleeping gear, and supplies. He also was listening to a radio! In my opinion he is just gathering his thoughts and just taking a time out from life. That’s just my opinion, no comments are necessary!”

“We have given him food b4 he threw it n the garbage. Many people have tried to help him but he made it obvious he doesn’t want it & doesn’t appreciate it when u do try to help. He would rather sit on random corners trashing wutever area he is occupying. Its absolutely disgusting. It’s getting a bit ridiculous.”

“He spent 3 days walking there and refused help”

“I am sure they have checked on him. He was there on Monday. Sad to see. Must not want help”

“If you’re so worried about him, and trashing everyone that has tryed to help. WHY don’t you take him home with you? Instead of putting in someone else’s hands. Do it yourself. There… Problem solved.”

“I did stop and give him some food and water but he didn’t want any help I did call the police and they said that they have spoke to him and he doesn’t want any help from them either. I spoke with him a little while he is definitely mentally challenged and has some serious issues”

“We also called 912 on Monday and he refused help. We gave him water and some snacks we had with us.”

“He refuses help from his family who opened their home”

“It sounds like the man who was found deceased at mile marker 24 on Stockdale hill Rd.”

There was another very helpful comment about this death that was deleted, but I found the MCSO post.

The screenshot:

8/6/22 FB All Things Meadview

8/6/22 FB All Things Meadview – click for larger image

ANOTHER apparently homeless man just died not even 2 weeks ago in the desert a few miles north on Stockton Hill Rd.



On Saturday (7/23), Deputies and Detectives with the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office responded to the area of milepost 24 on Stockton Hill Rd. in reference to a death investigation. During the course of the investigation, the body of a white male was located deceased off the roadway.

The death appeared to have occurred within the last week. There were no obvious signs of trauma or foul play, however an official cause of death is pending an autopsy by the Mohave County Medical Examiner’s Office. The subject had no identification on him and at this time his identity is unknown. The subject is described as a white male adult, approximately sixty to seventy years of age, balding with gray hair and full beard, and dentures.

Detectives are asking for anyone with information to contact the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office at 928-753-0753 or call our toll free number at 1-800-522-4312 and reference DR #22-027841

Why are they DELIBERATELY letting this clearly incompetent man die in the desert?

8/4/22 phone call with deputy Rider, MCSO, transcript

Please contact me or post in a comment any inaccuracies in the transcript, thanks!

Hello? You’re calling about a gentleman that’s up on Stockton Hill Road.

— Yeah, that’s who I called about.

I understand that. What would you like to talk about?

— Well, don’t you think that he needs treatment?

Okay, I will tell you this, Christine. I have the right to refuse medical attention under about 99.9% of circumstances. If my leg, whether or not I believe that he needs treatment is irrelevant. Okay? If my leg is cut off and I’m bleeding out in the middle of the street and I want to refuse to have emergency medical technicians, DMTs or paramedics come out and help me, that’s my right to do so. He does not want help.

— You do realize that he has mental health problems, and that’s why he does not want help?

Okay. And under Arizona state law, the only way that he is going to go in for mental health for a Title 36, which is self danger to others, him just living out in the elements is not necessarily enough to say that he needs help.

— Okay, so who actually makes these decisions, these rules? Who trained you, is what I’m asking.

Who trained me? I was trained by a bunch of post, certified instructors for Arizona post. And as far as who writes the rules, that would be the Arizona state legislature. So if you don’t like how the rules are written, but understand that people have their rights, and it is very difficult to take away somebody’s rights. And the only person that’s going to go in and take away those rights, it has to go through his doctor, if he has one, through a judge. And a judge has to sign over an order saying that this person goes in for mandatory treatment. But you have to provide articulable facts, explainable facts to a court to explain well, he’s just living out on the streets. Well, he’s lawfully allowed to do so. If he doesn’t want help, he can refuse help. We’ve been out there and contacted him on numerous occasions. I’m not legally allowed to sit there and force him to go in for treatment. I would then possibly be charged with kidnapping.

— That’s really interesting.

Yeah, that’s the law. So under Title 36 is the only way to force somebody to go in for treatment, but that goes through his doctor, through judge. If he doesn’t want treatment, he’s within his god-given rights to refuse treatment.

— Who is his doctor?

I don’t know. That’s not my business. My business is to see if he’s breaking a law. He’s not breaking the law. If he wants to be left alone, he needs to be left alone. If he’s not breaking the law, he’s not doing anything criminal, …

— Even though he can’t even say his name.

Okay, so if a person is mute and cannot say their name …

— He’s not mute. I don’t think he’s mute because he can say three words, and that’s “fine” and “blessing” or “bless you”.

And again, under certain circumstances, if I don’t want to talk, if you don’t want to talk to your next door neighbor …

— It’s not that he doesn’t want to talk. He cannot talk because he has a mental health problem. It’s a most serious problem.

Let me ask you this are you a mental health professional?

— I’m a human being with compassion and empathy.

That’s not my question. Are you a mental health professional?

— Do I need to be one? I spent five days, let me put it this way, I spent five days in the loony bin two and a half years ago. I will have to kill myself next year because of that. And I was nothing like that man.

What I’m asking you is this if you are not a mental health professional, then I am curious to know how you know he has a medical problem.

— I’m in Kingman right now. Can I go get a mental health professional to check them out?

If you want to call Mojave Mental Health or Southwest Behavioral or Tarot[???] to see if they want to go out there, that’s fine by me. I’m not a mental health professional. I have had some limited training on mental health and people in crisis to be able to recognize those things. And other than that, we rely on our mental health professionals to go out and do assessments. Just because he can’t say his own name doesn’t mean that he’s in a mental health crisis. He may be on drugs. He may be on alcohol.

— How long has it been there? Don’t you think you deserve treatment if he’s on drugs?

Again, if I want to drink myself to death, I’m lawfully allowed to do so. Using drugs is illegal. But again, if I use drugs and I overdose, again, it’s not a crime.

— Now, have you talked to him?

I have.

— And you don’t think he has a mental health problem?

Whether or not I think that he has a mental health problem is irrelevant.

— No. That’s your job. You just told me that you decide whether somebody needs to go in for treatment or not.

There is an extremely small set of circumstances where I can mandate somebody to go in for treatment. Okay. I have gone and talked to him. He has answered my questions, and he does not meet the criteria that I would be mandated to allow them to force him to go in for treatment. So if he chooses not to go for treatment, he chooses not to go. Do we like it? No. Would I prefer that if he has a mental health issue or he has an addiction issue, that he go in and get treatment? Absolutely. In the state of Arizona, if he chooses not to, that is his right.

— So how long has he been there?

That’s irrelevant.

— That’s not irrelevant.

He could be there for a day. He could be there for a year. The time that he’s out there doesn’t matter.

— But it does matter because he will die there.

That’s his choice. If he wants to do that, that’s his choice.

— That’s a very interesting conversation. Good to know

The state of Arizona allows you the freedom of choice yes. For people who have the mental capability to decide what they want to do.

— I actually have a suicide petition online so that people. I want people to be able to go to a doctor and be euthanized instead of having to blow their brains out or overdosing an opiates. I think it would be much better if people could just go to the doctor. Like we take the dogs to the vet when they need to go. But that is why, that is why I was incarcerated in that shithole called Loony Bin from Southwest, and I have a personal interest in it. I’m in litigation right now. They’re telling me that they were justified to do this to me. And I see that man and I’m like, I could cry.

Well, like I said, ma’am, he has been contacted on numerous occasions

— But no mental health professional. You’ve never taken somebody with you from Southwest or Mohave Mental Health to assess them?

Ma’am, again, the issue that’s at hand that you are concerned about is this person who’s living on the side of the road. He’s doing so of his own free will. He has been checked. He has been asked if he wants help. He has refused it. There is legally nothing else to be done unless he is out there breaking a law and then depending on the law that he is breaking, it’s not even an arrestable offense.

— I’m not saying that he should be arrested. I’m saying that he needs help, he needs treatment.

He may very well I don’t know. I’m not a psychiatrist or anything.

— That’s what I’m saying. Have you ever taken a psychiatrist out there to see what a professional would say?

Ma’am, he has already been seen, and they have already attempted to get him treatment.

— Who?

I’m not going to tell you, because that’s honestly, that’s private information. But what I’m telling you is this. If he does not want mental health help, unless there is a Title 36 order from a doctor to the judge and a court order saying, go pick this person up for mental health treatment.

— Okay, well, I’m going to follow up on this. I think that maybe I have the right to some information and who makes these rules and who has seen him, because this man is going to die, and it’s important, his life matters.

I didn’t say that his life doesn’t matter. I said that he has the right to choose what to do with his own life. If he doesn’t want help, you can’t force it on him. I can’t force it on him.

— Funny that it got forced on me. Why was it forced on me? But you don’t know that. You could read about that on my blog. I was going to kill myself. That’s what I told Doctor Ohri.

There you go. You told a doctor that you were going to kill yourself.

— Yeah, when I ran out of money. Can’t I do that? Isn’t that my right? Is it a crime to kill myself when I run out of money?

If you report to a mandated reporter, i. e. Law enforcement, medical technicians, a doctor, a nurse practitioner or psychiatrist, psychologist that you are going to kill yourself, they are mandated by the state. They are ordered by the state by the state legislature that they are required to get you in for mandatory assessment and treatment. So if you wanted to kill yourself, you don’t say it, you do it.

— But it’s not illegal. I still want to kill myself. I have my petition online. So you want to go take me away again? I’m going to kill myself when I run out of money, which will be after I sell my home, because I know I’m going to run out of money by the end of the year, and I got to sell my house. Then I’m going to live like that guy, but slightly better in a van or in a truck until I’m out of money because I can’t live on $266 a month in Social Security.

— And again, when you make a statement to a doctor or a peace officer, yes. If I went and found you, then, yes, I would take you in for mandatory treatment because you made a statement that you’re going to kill yourself. Okay.

— Why would you do that? It’s not illegal.

That is because I’m a mandated reporter. That’s what you don’t understand.

— I don’t understand it. I have to plan my life and my death. It’s called being responsible.

You made statements to a doctor. That doctor took action. You were forced to go for treatment.

— I didn’t get any treatment.

Well, that’s not my fault. That’s not on me. That’s on mental health. You don’t like it, take it up with mental health.

— I am, I’m suing them right now. And that’s beside the point.

By all means, that you’re right to go ahead and do so. Okay? But I am not, we, the sheriff’s office, are not going to go out and force this guy to get treatment that he doesn’t want

— And you refuse to take a mental health professional out there to assess him. Correct?

Listen to me. Stop interrupting me. Because I’m not interrupting you, and it’s rude.

— My apologies.

The sheriff’s office has gone out and talked to him. He does not meet the criteria to force him to go in for mandatory treatment. Whether or not somebody has been out there and tried to talk to him or not, I’m not going to disclose. But I’m going to tell you that he has been contacted on numerous occasions and does not at this point have anything going on that we would say that he is required to go in for treatment.

— You don’t think people suffer immediate harm being out there in the desert?

Again, if he wants to live like that, that is his right to choose to do so. If he doesn’t want to do that …

— You’re not answering my question. But that’s okay. I appreciate your information, and I will take it from there. Thank you very much.

Have a good day.

— You too. Bye.

I worked over 13 hours on this today, really wanted to get someone to save this man’s life.  So I looked up Mohave Mental Health at


8/6/22 Mohave Mental Health FAKE offer of "crisis councelor"

8/6/22 Mohave Mental Health FAKE offer of “crisis counselor”

I called the 888-757-8111.  The first time, I got hung up on.

Called again, recordings, punching buttons, hold music, finally got to a person.

He can’t access the internet.   He wanted ME to take the guy somewhere.   I told him that I’m not strong enough and that it would be kidnapping.

He advised that they can’t do anything when the person doesn’t want help.

Next, I went to Southwest Behavioral & Health Services:


All they had was 911 and 988.   So I called 988.  More time wasted.

They won’t help him either because he doesn’t want help.

He doesn’t want help because he doesn’t even realize the danger he is in.   He “thinks” he is ok!  He is MENTALLY ILL!

But, when you’re standing on a bridge ready to jump, they’ll try to “de-escalate”.


I have no idea how I find the will to live in such a cruel world.

8/8/22 Monday with the weekend update.   Hiding like a criminal from the Mohave County Sheriff

Saturday:  I learned on Facebook that the homeless man’s name is Elliot and I read that he was still there Friday evening.   Once again, I got on the phone.   Hour after hour, the Crisis Line, the Sheriff’s Office, my personal FB has some notes and I tried to record all calls.

Eventually, the Sheriff’s Office transferred me to Kingman Fire and they transferred to River Medical.  They promised that they would pick Elliot up.  I was so exhausted. Had only slept a few hours Friday night.

Sunday afternoon I read on Facebook that Elliot was STILL out there.  WTF happened?  River Medical was closed.  I once again researched hour after hour and everything I found confirmed that mentally ill persons have to be examined by mental health professionals AGAINST THEIR WILL to determine whether they should be titled.  I was going to speak to managers on Monday.

Monday:   Once again I spoke with countless imbeciles.   I could not get to a supervisor anywhere, got the same runaround, call 911, call 988, call the police, bla bla bla bla bla bla.

Hope my phone recorder was on when another idiot at the sheriff’s office lectured me on Elliot’s civil rights.

I was so thrilled when I finally spoke with Rita at Crisis Line.  I read to her from Title 36 and convinced her that Elliot needs to be picked up for evaluation AGAINST his will.

However, she required me to drive the 40 miles to Elliot’s location.   I advised that I am 64 years old and recently totaled my truck when I hit a bull and she assured me I’d be home by dark.

Rita REFUSED to tell me where the crisis team was coming from or how long it would take.  Rita promised that the Crisis Team would call me when they got close.

I was afraid it was likely going to be another very bad day.

I packed my dog, computer, charger, …  Thought I might end up in Kingman, maybe at the court.

When I got to MM 15 where Elliot had been sitting on the west side, there was only “stuff.”    The sleeping bag, the case of water, a lot of trash, no Elliot.

I was ready to call Search & Rescue when I spotted Elliot across the street, along with some stuff.

At 2:41 pm I called Crisis Line and asked for Rita. 

They refused to transfer me to her, and claimed that “anyone” could help me.  A very stressful 12 min call and I was finally told that the Crisis Team was on the way, but they could not tell me where they were.

Talked to Elliot for a bit.  Of course, he said he was “fine.”

I don’t have time to transcribe the recordings right now, but here’s a summary of my attempts to get him to talk.

I asked him to go to the hospital with me and it almost looked like he was agreeable, but I think he just didn’t understand.

I asked him for his name.  NOTHING.

I asked how long he’d been there.  NOTHING.

I asked whether his family had visited lately.  NOTHING

I asked what happened to his eye.   NOTHING

I asked why he didn’t want to use the brand new sleeping bag people had dropped off so he’d have a clean space to sit and sleep.  NOTHING.

I asked what happened to the new-in-box tent someone had dropped off.   NOTHING.

Did someone else take it?   NOTHING.

Maybe someone stole it.  Wouldn’t be surprising.

When Elliot became increasingly nervous and stressed as I talked about going to a doctor, I backed off and went back into my truck.  I was worried he’d run away, out into the desert.

One time I asked him to go sit in the shade under the trees and he understood and did that.

If Elliot took the dementia test, he’d score around ZERO.  100% incapacitated.

Unfortunately, there were no clouds and it was 107 F in my truck.

No AC, since I just totaled my truck and am driving the water hauler.

3:43 PM:  I finally had moved outside into the shade of the truck as I was starting to feel lightheaded.  The phone rang.  Picking up the phone, I accidentally “DECLINED” the call.

3:44 PM:  I immediately called back.   The imbeciles at Crisis Line did not know who called me!    13 minutes on the phone.

They told me that the Crisis Team could not find Elliot!

Fucking unbelievable!   Stockton Hill near mile marker 15 near Calle Lucero.  I had them read the location back to me and they had it right.  They said the Crisis Team was there an hour ago.   But an hour ago I was already there AND I had even called Crisis Line when I arrived and they told me that they were on the way.

I was NOT looking for anyone when I saw Elliot by the side of the road last Thursday!  You’d have to be as blind as my old dog to not see all that trash and Elliot’s stuff piled up by the side of the road.

Obviously, the Crisis Team was never there.

Every time a vehicle came by I hoped it was them.

How could they NOT find Mile Marker 15?  Too damned STUPID?

They could have called me or the sheriff’s office for assistance if they’re really too stupid to use their GPS.


The exact same shitshow as with neurologist Ohri, KRMC and the Southwest Loony Bin.  Extraordinary incompetence.  I was livid.   And I felt like I was going to heat stroke.  They probably hung up on me, don’t have time now to listen to recordings.

3:57 PM:  Over 14 minutes on the phone with another person who refused to send the Crisis Team.  I told him that Elliot was right there and he could talk to him.

He refused to speak with Elliot!

When he was going to end the call, I said that I would kill myself.  That got his attention.  Then I told him that I’ll kill myself if they let Elliot die.

At that point, he put me on hold, probably called the sheriff, and I took off FAST.  Not going back to the Loony Bin.

Why does everybody hate Elliot?

Why do ALL these sadistic psychopaths want Elliot dead?

I got several calls and didn’t pick up.  I was so stressed, a few times I forgot to slow down as Stockton Hill was flooding and I roared right through the flash floods.

4:59 PM:  I hadn’t answered several “restricted” calls, but finally, a call identified as Mohave County Sheriff came in and I answered.    The deputy wanted to know where I was.  Told him it was none of his business, that I have civil rights and that I was going to file a lawsuit in superior court against MCSO tonight.  I asked him to pick up Elliot and save the man’s life.

I was afraid to stay at my house.  PTSD.

When I was looking for help from neurologist Ohri, KRMC had me incarcerated in the Southwest Loony Bin and I suffered so much abuse in inhumane conditions.  They almost got me killed.  Discharged me and literally left me to die.  I received no treatment whatsoever. Covid, the shutdowns, unemployment, and then an inheritance saved my life.  Despite the lawsuit I filed on 1/28/22, I still haven’t received ANY treatment that I didn’t pay for myself — NONE!

In August 2020 I pleaded with MoreMD’s Sarah Grohmann for diagnosis and treatment of my brain damage and I explained to her that I need a good brain, need my memory fixed to be able to earn a living so I can continue to live.  Sarah Grohmann outright refused and sent the deputies to my house instead.

That’s why I’m NOT at home now.  Like a criminal, I’m hiding from MCSO until I filed the lawsuit.   Couldn’t possibly focus on getting Elliot help while worried about being abducted and incarcerated in the Loony Bin again.  PTSD.

The last 5 days were so traumatizing.  There’s nothing I can say to get these sadistic psychopaths to listen to me and to do their jobs — to comply with the law and to enforce the law — including Title 36.

It’s after 11 pm and I haven’t even started writing the lawsuit yet.  I had to update here first as this page will be a main exhibit.

2 AM:  Preparing the complaint, I found the application to have Elliot admitted and I probably have to drive to Kingman again tomorrow to get that accomplished.

Then I’ll file a complaint with the AG about MCSO and Crisis Line.   Remembered that many government agencies will not investigate after you filed a lawsuit.  So I want their investigation started first and then I can file the complaint in court.   I don’t expect the AG to actually do anything, but there’s nothing like documenting what happens.

8/9/22:  It’s good to be home again, but I’m so tired.

I can’t even remember the last time I slept well and had good energy.

Read the KRMC initial disclosures, thank the Goddess for my audio recordings.

But it does get old, fighting for my life, every day, most of the day.

And then realizing that I’m the only person who gives a flying fuck about mentally ill homeless like Elliot who will likely will die if nobody steps up.  NOBODY is stepping up.

Now I’m on day 6 of this ordeal. 


If it is an emergency or after hours situation, an Application for Emergency Admission may also be filed at most hospital emergency rooms.  …

What if I filed an emergency application?

If you filed an emergency application, because the proposed patient is a danger to themselves or others, the pre-petition screening takes place at the emergency room or crisis center.  Due to the immediate danger the person is in, there is not enough time to go through the process above.  If the person is in the community, because they would not or could not be taken to a facility, local law enforcement will try to find the person and bring them to a crisis center, emergency room, or hospital as soon as possible.  Once at a facility, the psychiatrist will complete the screening and decide whether to go forward with the petition for evaluation.

It looks like I have to present my application to KRMC, but to who, where?

And, I realized that since we’re in litigation, maybe I shouldn’t even go there.  So I just emailed their attorney Kathleen Elder.