Dreams of a New COVID Pill Panacea Have Been Dashed

The big lie:

… The pills certainly aren’t a substitute for the vaccines that are still the best protection against COVID. …

Of course, the absolute best protection is a healthy immune system.

ONLY people at high risk should take this completely untested and clearly very ineffective vaccine.

  • I take Vit. D, Quercetin, NAC, and other supplements.
  • I eat mostly organic, lots of greens, veggies, and little meat.
  • I spend a lot of time outside or working in the greenhouse.
  • I often get 8 hours of sleep.

Not perfect, no time to meditate or exercise, way too much screentime and stress, but I’m confident that Covid isn’t going to kill me or put me in the hospital.  To avoid spreading Covid, I always wear a mask in stores or at the post office.

I’m also going to schedule an appointment with a competent doctor (not in Kingman!) and will likely get fluvoxamine, just in case I get exposed to someone positive or if I test positive.   Since there is no testing around here, I’ll immediately start taking it whenever I have symptoms.

How many healthy people have died?


I haven’t seen a single study of lifestyle and supplements’ impacts on Covid, but the statics are clear:

Only people in very bad shape end up in the hospital or grave.

Occasionally I’ve seen headlines claiming that perfectly healthy and young people died, but that’s because they really were NOT perfectly healthy and they likely would have died in their sleep for no apparent reason at all or they would have been diagnosed eventually. Whatever their problem, it wasn’t obvious, but they were not healthy.

So why are all major media outlets lying?

Most of their income is from ads and who is one of their biggest advertisers?


I don’t believe for one second that so many journalists are THAT stupid.  It’s the money.  As always.

Merck’s pill, which contains the drug molnupiravir, isn’t nearly as effective as the company initially claimed it would be, and it also poses some safety risks. Paxlovid, from Pfizer, is safer and a lot more effective, but supplies are limited and experts warn the U.S. government isn’t taking all the steps it can to boost production.

Plus, both pills only work if the patient takes them within five days of their first symptoms. That’s a prohibitively short window in a country where COVID testing is still inadequate. Many people won’t know they’re infected in time to get a prescription and start taking the pills. “A lot of people don’t get tested right away,” Redlener said. “If you don’t catch it early, three to five days, these pills won’t help you.” …

That’s why every neighborhood should have a good supply of fluvoxamine and other SAFE drugs that have been tested for decades, are CHEAP and much MORE effective than the vaccines and at least as effective as those new pills, so that people who test positive can IMMEDIATELY start treatment and prevent serious symptoms.

The genocide continues.  What a clever way to once again exploit and exterminate the people in the poor countries.  Every person with Big Pharma investments is a murderer.

Is Biden as brain-damaged as Trump or as corrupt as Trump?

Either way, many more MILLIONS will die while Big Pharma creates billionaire after billionaire.