With all the crap that’s going on, I’ve enjoyed Jordan Klepper’s MAGA event videos and interviews.

I need laughs badly, but these two ladies left me with more than the initial laughs.

How do people get that way?

Is it their IQ?

The Trump supporters in Meadview aren’t exactly rocket scientists.  Many are ignorant, loud, nasty, vulgar, violent, and insecure.  Some are psychopaths.

Back in the old days people had no real news.


… On the evening of 31 August 1939, a seven-man SS team stormed the transmitter station disguised as Polish insurgents. …

There was no internet, no CNN, just newspapers and government-controlled radio.    Despite all that, there was resistance.   Most didn’t actively resist because they were afraid for their lives, and especially the lives of their families.

My mom’s dad ended up as a POW in Russia for years.

My dad’s grandpa hid in the Alps, he was a communist (small market owner) and wasn’t going to fight for Hitler.

My parents were 10 years old in 1945.   My mom had to help the women dig a trench across the road to slow down the Americans.   At night they filled it partially back in.  They couldn’t wait for the Americans to arrive.

Of course, there were many who truly believed that they were superior to the Jews.  In the 30s the economy was awful and people were hungry.  That many pawn shops and banks were owned by Jews didn’t help.


I just can’t understand what’s going on in peoples’ minds today.

So many STILL believe that the election was stolen.

And way too many are ready for civil war, against anyone who isn’t white, against the illegals, against all who believe in equal rights and women’s rights.

In 2015 a credible source told me that at a local VFW they were going to do away with women’s rights as they prepared for civil war, expecting Obama to declare Martial Law:


Why does anyone BELIEVE these obvious lies?

It is the toxic food and environment, the plastic and heavy metals in the blood and organs?  What makes so many so dumb?

THAT is the trillion-dollar question.   How have so many become so brainwashed, incapable of rational thought?

I watch our local organizations be destroyed by imbeciles who couldn’t think their way out of a cardboard box on fire.  Literally.  From the fire district to the water co-op.  It so happens, that they’re the same people who trust Trump.

The national stupidity is a pandemic. 

Why would anyone trust any politician?

Jordan Klepper asks great questions and it’s even funny.

Until you consider the implications.