A visitor recently claimed that Covid home tests are only 40% accurate.  I did some research and apparently he read some old or fake news.   Here’s a study published 12/1/21:

Implementation and Accuracy of BinaxNOW Rapid Antigen COVID-19 Test in Asymptomatic and Symptomatic Populations in a High-Volume Self-Referred Testing Site


… The BinaxNOW rapid antigen COVID-19 test had a sensitivity of 87% in symptomatic and 71% asymptomatic individuals when performed by health care workers in a high-throughput setting. The performance may expedite isolation decisions or referrals for time-sensitive monoclonal antibody treatment in communities where timely COVID PCR tests are unavailable. ….

Another example of systemic racism:

… Reverse transcription–PCR (RT-PCR) remains the “gold standard” for identifying infected individuals (2). However, such testing can take more than 48 h to yield results (3). According to a large, nationally representative survey sample, median test result wait times are longer for African Americans (5 days) and Hispanic Americans (4.6 days) compared with white Americans (3.9 days) (3) [Emphasis added.]

Of course, it’s better to have several studies, but I haven’t had time to do more research.  Please comment below if you have additional or conflicting information. …