2/5/22 DRAFT, awaiting comments from health.com, author Ashley Abramson and Cassandra M Pierre, MD, MPH.

DISCLOSURE:  I am not a doctor and I suffer from serious litigation stress-induced brain damage, affecting my short-term memory when stressed and causing difficulty with organizing and learning.  I got absolutely NO help in our awful medical system and I, therefore, conduct my own research, self diagnose and treat.   This site is my “journal” and I document some of my research and experiences here.

And if I’m wrong, I’d like to hear about it!  With links to studies, of course, not rants or CDC / Fauci lies. 🙂

A few weeks ago I saw a doctor talk about Betadine (povidone iodine) nasal spray or misting to help with Covid.   Looking on Amazon, I got thoroughly confused by the many products and various applications.   A helper just got sick (sinus and cough), Covid negative (home test),  so I finally spent several hours researching, reading, and finally ordering last night.   I got 8 oz of Betadine (povidone iodine) nasal spray and several empty nasal sprayers for just under $20.  Might never need it for Covid, but what are the chances of never having a visitor with a cold or flu again?  Not to mention the traditional use on open wounds.

Since I obviously won’t remember WHY I decided to order despite the many apparently FALSE claims of ineffectiveness and danger to our health, I’m posting my research here.

I have NOT watched the many Youtube videos on Betadine and Covid, there’s much of the mainstream media MISINFORMATION (really, Stephen Colbert?) as well as videos by doctors:
I’m not going to bother with the government lies but will watch a couple of the doctors to find out more on dosing, etc.

IMPORTANT:  Betadine (povidone iodine) is NOT for people with thyroid problems.  There are sprays with different ingredients that may be just as effective, but I have not researched them.

In my Betadine research, I ran across this awful 9/17/21 article by Ashley Abramson at health.com containing deadly Covid misinformation and fallacies:

Doctors Warn Against Using Betadine in Nasal Spray or Mouthwash to Prevent COVID-19—Here’s Why The viral claim won’t protect you against COVID-19—but it might lead to some other unwanted health issues.


…The study found that povidone iodine “may reduce the carriage of infectious SARS-CoV-2 in adults with mild to moderate COVID-19″—but that means it was found to only reduce the amount of virus in a person’s nose when they’re already infected with COVID-19. The povidone iodine solution also had some gnarly side effects: 42% of patients exposed to it experienced “thyroid dysfunction” as well as “unpleasant nasal tingling.” …

  • It’s irrelevant that you reduce the amount of virus?
  • WHY are they saying that it “only” reduces the amount of virus when already infected?
  • Wouldn’t it be prudent to assume that when in contact with someone positive, it’ll also kill the virus inhaled BEFORE you are infected?
  • And when sprayed into the mouth, help with the viral load there?
  • Isn’t it good to not only lower the viral load to reduce the chances of getting Covid or to reduce severity but also to STOP SPREADING IT?
  • Don’t the people at health.com know that you can be subjected to the virus and NOT get sick because your immune system can deal with a certain amount of virus and therefore it is critical to reduce the amount of virus as much as possible?
  • Isn’t it better to limit the virus load so that even if you get Covid, it will be MILDER and you don’t end up on a ventilator or with long haul Covid?
  • Considering that there are a number of studies indicating benefits and recommending further studies, WHY do the people at health.com want us to get COVID?

Literally billions could avoid getting sick or hospitalized — especially when combined with the many other treatments and supplements that have been used for DECADES, are safe, inexpensive and widely available but demonized by our governments (aka Big Pharma) and the kind that runs health.com. 

Whether it’s COVID or the flu … who cares … why not lower the amount of virus and bacteria to:

1) get less sick?

2) not spread it as much?

Who runs health.com? 

How much money do they make while literally getting people killed with their misinformation and ABSENCE of treatment and prevention methods?

I realize that there are many misguided who think that they need to do this every day for prevention and who WILL get sick and have thyroid problems, but that’s no reason to withhold this affordable and widely available treatment from the general population.

  • It is BECAUSE of misinformation and deception as in this health.com article that so many don’t believe anything and literally DRINK disinfectants.
  • If our governments and doctors were HONEST and had PROMOTED existing drugs to prevent and treat Covid as well as the many ways to strengthen the immune system, we would have saved many MILLIONS of lives and we would wipe out MOST diseases!

How is that for a side effect?  HEALTHY people!

What am I missing?

Where is the list of supplements to strengthen the immune system?  Such as vitamin D, C, Quercetin, NAC, etc.

Where is the info on fluvoxamine?


Fluvoxamine is especially effective for EARLY treatment and to prevent infection after Covid exposure.

Fluvoxamine should have been on hand in every household for at least the last year for IMMEDIATE treatment or PREVENTION after exposure.

Where are the recommendations to spend lots of time outdoors, having fun, exercising, meditating or praying, eliminating stress (quit that sucky job!), sleeping 8 hours/day, growing your own food organically, and of course eating organic as much as possible, avoiding toxins in our environment, filtering tap water, etc. etc. etc.?

Imagine a HEALTHY productive population instead of our obese, chronically ill, and literally, brain-damaged population! 

Here are some of the results when I searched for Betadine studies:

June 9, 2021: Researchers investigate iodine rinse as treatment for COVID-19


Povidone iodine, known by the brand name Betadine, is a topical antiseptic – a substance that kills and prevents the growth of microorganisms. It is commonly used to help heal wounds and disinfect skin before and after surgery. It has also been used with success at the St. Paul’s Sinus Centre as a nasal rinse to treat chronic inflammation diseases of the nasal cavity.

The purpose of this new study is to determine if povidone-iodine used in a sinus rinse and throat gargles or gel nasal spray are effective treatments for patients diagnosed with COVID-19.

Stopping the disease early

“We believe that this treatment will be a game-changer for COVID-19,” says Principal Investigator Dr. Amin Javer, Director and Head of the St. Paul’s Sinus Centre. “While most groups are working on developing a vaccine or treatments for hospitalized and severe patients, we are working on stopping the disease in an early stage, when the symptoms are mild and we can delay the spread of the virus to the lungs.”

“It may reduce the concentration of the virus in the mucus to the point where transmission to health care workers, family, and community members could be minimized, if not interrupted,” Dr. Javer says, pointing to data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information that shows COVID-19-related hospitalizations in Canada cost $23,000 per stay, about four times as much as the average. “We need to focus on developing treatments that stop the symptoms in a mild phase of the disease and avoid severe cases and hospitalizations.”

Doesn’t that make sense?

Povidone iodine is an inexpensive and widely available early treatment.  There are many alternatives for people with thyroid issues too.  We have so many options and should use what works for us, as individuals.

8/25/21:  Rapid initiation of nasal saline irrigation to reduce severity in high-risk COVID+ outpatients: a randomized clinical trial compared to a national dataset observational arm [not peer-reviewed]


Importance SARS-CoV-2 enters the nasopharynx to replicate; nasal irrigation soon after diagnosis could reduce viral load and inhibit furin cleavage necessary for cell entry, thereby reducing morbidity and mortality.

Conclusion: SARS-CoV-2+ participants initiating nasal irrigation were over 8 times less likely to be hospitalized than the national rate.

Full Text: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.08.16.21262044v3.full-text

Not enough time to read it, but, another indicator that nasal irrigation is worth a try.

From France:

February 4, 2021: Povidone Iodine Mouthwash, Gargle, and Nasal Spray to Reduce Nasopharyngeal Viral Load in Patients With COVID-19


Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is primarily transmitted person-to-person through the aerosolization of droplets containing contaminated nasopharyngeal secretions.1 Povidone iodine (PI) solutions at concentrations as low as 0.5% rapidly inactivate SARS-CoV-2 in vitro with contact times as short as 15 seconds.2 We investigated whether nasopharyngeal application of PI could reduce the viral load of patients with nonsevere coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) symptoms.

We included adult outpatients (≥18 years old) having tested highly positive (cycle threshold ≤20) for SARS-CoV-2 ribonucleic acid (RNA) by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) in nasopharyngeal swabs within the previous 48 hours. Patients with a history of thyroid disease were excluded. The study was approved by the South Mediterranean Institutional Review Board, and written informed consent was obtained from all participants. The trial protocol is included in Supplement 1. …

All patients exposed to PI experienced unpleasant nasal tingling but completed the study. Thyroid stimulating hormone elevation (median [IQR], 3.4 [2.6-4.3] mIU/L vs 2.1 [1.4-3.1] mIU/L at baseline) was observed in all patients after 5 days of PI exposure, exceeding the upper normal value in 5 patients, with a return to baseline values 7 to 12 days later. No modification in thyroid hormone (T3, T4) or creatinine levels was observed.

7/19/20: Nice presentation by Dr. Cameron Jones with references:

2/5/22:  I submitted my questions for Ashley Abramson, the author of the health.com article, at http://www.ashleyabramson.com/contact:

Subject: Your awful Betadine misinformation — how do you live with yourself?

I’ll appreciate your comments:

[link to this page]

How much did you get paid for that article full of misinformation and fallacies at health.com?

Do you realize or care that you’re literally killing people who trust your expertise?

Thank you,

Christine Baker

I can’t wrap my damaged brain around the FACT that so many seemingly nice people are advocating the DDD — Disease, Destruction, Death.

WHY do they do it?   For a few bucks?  Are their brains even more damaged than mine?  No intellect?  Lack of intelligence?

2/6/22: I emailed to health-feedback@health.com:

I was so appalled by your lies and deceptions in your Betadine article, I decided to post how you apparently strive to kill innocent people:
Please let me know if there are any incorrect statements in my post and maybe you’d like to explain your reasons for your outrageous misrepresentations of Betadine.
Thank you,
Christine Baker