This is one of those “note to self” posts, want to be able to find this video again.

Unreal.  Too good to be true.  Yet, fits the Trump / Qanon pattern perfectly.

So many DUMB people with way more money than they deserve.

I don’t feel bad for the defrauded investors.  It’s not like they were old or otherwise gullible poor people.

And so many DUMB people believe these election fraud scammers.

How can they be so delusional and block out all reality?

This story reminds me of why don’t like gelatin.

Disgusting stuff.  In this case, catfish waste.  I wouldn’t mind using this waste for pet food if it’s nutritious and not full of toxins.  Know nothing about catfish, can’t remember ever eating one and don’t plan on it.

The state of Mississippi giving this fraudster hundreds of thousands in GRANTS! 

Did someone get a kickback?  They can’t be THAT stupid.

I’ll have to research it sometime.

Just had to look, countless articles describing the lack of any evidence of widespread or any election fraud by convicted felon Peter Bernegger:

No documentation

Evidence, also known as provable fact in an investigation, was in short supply at Wednesday’s hearing.

For example, Bernegger said he referred hundreds of potentially criminal matters to law enforcement, but didn’t provide specific examples.

Later in the hearing, Brandtjen again clarified that “we” are not drawing specific conclusions about any one person — just asking questions.

“On one hand, you’re saying there’s no conclusions about fraud, but the speaker is presenting it as if there are conclusions that have been drawn,” Subeck replied. “And while that may be his conclusions, we certainly haven’t seen any documentation to back that up, nor have we seen law enforcement prosecutions to back that up.” …