Oath Keepers have been in the news a lot recently for their involvement in the 1/6/21 attack on the Capitol and I started thinking about the Oath Keeper I hosted in spring 2017.

Since I can’t travel because I’m running a little organic micro-farm, I host travelers and volunteers.  When I picked him up at Greyhound, he informed me right away that he needed to have his 6-pack/day.   He didn’t have twenty bucks to his name, always wore camo and on the second day I told him that he had to leave.  He had yelled at me and I knew right away that we had just about nothing in common.

Since he had no place to go and no money, I got to know him for a couple of weeks.

He had lived in Austria for several years and had been deported back to the US for antigovernment activities just a few weeks earlier.   He showed me an article about his arrest and people protesting.   The Austrian Alt-Right.

Kurz was elected as Austrian chancellor later that year.

Kurz resigned over corruption and campaign finance law violations.

My Oath Keeper had been teaching survivalist courses in Austria.  Skills like how to kill and cook rabbits.  He suggested we do that at my farm.  I love the bunnies and quail and there’s no way I would deliberately kill them.

We were so glad when a similar-minded prepper woman finally took him away.

He was dumb, he was an alcoholic and next time I see footage of the insurrection, I’ll look for him.  I’d bet a few bucks he was there if he didn’t drink himself to death yet.

I’m not even mentioning his name here because he hounded me with bad reviews despite my deliberately not giving him the review he deserved.  From his writing, I conclude that he drank himself into a stupor and then wrote the reviews.  A very scary guy, likely to get violent, especially when drunk.   I was very glad I had “normal” visitors while he was here.

It took me two years to remember him and the more I think about that time, the more memories come back.   Like a very slow hard drive.