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MARCH 17, 2021

The two hormone-disrupting fungicides imazalil and thiabendazole, one of which is also a likely carcinogen, were detected on nearly 90 percent of non-organic citrus fruit samples in tests commissioned by the Environmental Working Group. More than half of the samples contained both fungicides.

Both chemicals disrupt the body’s hormones, or endocrine system, which regulates metabolism, growth and development, and other important functions. They can also harm the reproductive system, and California scientists classify one of them as a chemical known to cause cancer.

The highest levels of imazalil and thiabendazole were found on mandarins, including clementines, followed by oranges and then grapefruit. Organic samples, two oranges and one grapefruit, did not have detectable levels of fungicides. …

I’ve been buying conventional mandarins / clementines and grapefruit because they’ve never had them organic in Kingman.  Hoped that most of the poisons were in the peel, but no such luck:

… The edible portion of the fruit was tested for pesticide residues by an independent laboratory accredited by the state of California. …

Has Biden done ANYTHING to stop this deliberate infliction of death and disease for the sake of corporate profits?

… The EPA removed the tenfold children’s health factor for imazalil, despite acknowledging in 2018 that the fungicide was neurotoxic to adult animals – findings we believe should mandate not only further study but also extra protection. Additionally, some studies show evidence of neurotoxicity in mice that were exposed to imazalil during development.

The EPA’s own studies show that imazalil can bind to hormone receptors and alter the production of estrogen. These findings are also supported by independent peer-reviewed studies indicating imazalil can change hormone levels and disrupt the endocrine system in laboratory animals. …

Got two lemons on my Meyer Lemon tree and I’ve been buying organic lemon and lime juice for cooking.  Sometimes Sprouts in Henderson has organic citrus.