I LOVE fruit and read this Levels article with great interest:


I can’t wait for the plums and apricots to ripen and had so many peaches last fall.   The apple trees are loaded, but in recent years the critters got them all if the wind didn’t.

Been having trouble with the blackberries and boysenberries as they became ROCK HARD in our dry and hot desert climate, but have been working on creating microclimates.

The grapes they tested are likely Thompson, SUPER SWEET.   I’m also growing several seeded varieties that taste so different, much less sweet.

Huckleberries are so NOT sweet, I usually put them in smoothies.   My three mulberry trees are loaded with berries right now, but I’ve never gotten to eat one yet.  The birds …   I’m hoping they’ll leave some for me as the trees get bigger.

They didn’t mention figs, some are sweeter than others.

I forgot about the goji berries in recent years and am making an effort to water them now and should transplant them closer to the garden so I remember to water.

Been trying to grow arctic kiwi for years and have yet to get them through the first year.  I will prevail, eventually!

And while I don’t grow bananas, they’re my staple right now while waiting for my fruit to ripen.   Fortunately, I don’t like ripe bananas (unless in banana bread), prefer them slightly green.

Since my fasting blood sugar has been stuck around 100, no matter WHAT I do (use only erythritol and stevia and little processed food) I need a continuous glucose monitor and can’t wait to discuss that with North Country, my primary health care provider, and one of my defendants.

We just agreed to stay the proceedings for 60 days to see whether we can settle.   North Country is a nonprofit and extensive litigation doesn’t help anyone.

I’m on a mission to find out WHY I haven’t been able to get any kind of help other than a blood panel once a year, and this year I couldn’t even get that, or a tetanus shot or a Covid test when I had a sore throat for a week because communications at North Country are a giant shitshow.  Unacceptable.

A friend committed suicide because they couldn’t get the prescription from North Country for home healthcare in four months.

Of course, I know that it’s also about health insurance denying prescriptions, but I can’t sue the insurance company until they denied my doctor’s prescriptions.

Ultimately, it’s ALL about STANDARDS OF CARE and I get the feeling that these “standards” are based on the 1980s.

Everybody with high blood sugar should be able to use a continuous blood glucose monitor to see how THEIR food impacts THEM.

I’ve been tempted to order the Levels Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) and had to sign up for a waiting list:

Thanks for signing up for the Waitlist!

We will keep you posted

Here’s more info on Levels and CGMs: https://www.levelshealth.com/