3/31/22 email to KRMC compliance officer Christopher Porter MD re. Levi Ballstaedt

Hello Mr. Porter,
KRMC asked me to contact you as chief compliance officer with questions regarding my lawsuit, posted at https://repairthebrain.com/docs/1-28-22-complaint-and-exhibits/

They informed me that defendant Levi Ballstaedt is no longer with KRMC.   I don’t even know how he was involved.  Can you tell me what his role was?  Where did he go from KRMC?


Can you please identify the person who interviewed me online and decided to send me to the Loony Bin?
I have repeatedly requested all medical records from KRMC and they told me it’s all in the Patient Portal.   Due to my brain damage, it is possible that I have not found that report.
I very much appreciate your assistance,

Christine Baker

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