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1/28/22: About this lawsuit

I am posting all the court filings and exhibits to DOCUMENT the systemic abuse by these so-called medical professionals.

The medical reports contain so many lies and misrepresentations.  Fortunately, some of the lies, including misdiagnosis and listing meds I never took are very easy to prove.

The bigger issues, their collective refusal to accept the reality that I’m neither suicidal nor psychotic will require more work and we’ll see how much perjury they’re willing to commit.

Fortunately, I do have 6 hours of AUDIO recordings starting with my appointment with Dr. Ohri.  The quality isn’t great, but it proves that I didn’t go crazy until AFTER they ordered me institutionalized for an undetermined amount of time.

I don’t expect to “win” anything in this lawsuit as their lawyers will strive to and very likely succeed in DESTROYING me and what little brain I have left. 

Ultimately, it depends on the media giving a rat’s ass and that’s unlikely.   For one, Kingman has NO media.  The Kingman Miner can only be accessed by paying subscribers and I expect nothing from them as my previous attempts to get the Miner to give a damn about various other issues resulted in … NOTHING.

Maybe some of the Phoenix or Tucson area media will look into the systemic abuse, we’ll see.

I doubt any lawyer will want to take this case as it’s NOT about a quick settlement.

And I’ve already been informed that lawyers don’t want to litigate in Mohave County — I can only guess why.

I’m glad to be able to file electronically, but, unsurprising, the filing system is another typical Mohave County shitshow.  Only the FIRST page of filings gets a stamp, unlike in the federal PACER system where EVERY filed page gets the case and document number, date, etc.   However, out-of-area attorneys wouldn’t be prejudiced by mailing delays and in my research, I found that the attorneys are granted telephonic appearances for hearings.  They’d only have to travel for trial, significant hearings, depositions, …  I guess it does add significant costs to travel.

I’m hoping to get a referral to a “real” brain doctor.

Maybe someone in a similar situation can recommend someone, although being on Obamacare (AHCCCS) there were only two neurologists in 2020 in the entire county according to North Country who would see me and both are now my defendants.   And, I can’t go to Vegas with AZ insurance.

And I’m so traumatized, knowing that you cannot tell them the truth, that I might never get home again.

I also need a new primary care physician.

At North Country they couldn’t even correct my medical records after my specific request and it contains MORE incorrect info now than ever.

On 1/2/22 I requested new blood tests (it’s been over a year) and well over a month later, I got nothing.  I finally paid for the labs myself and am glad I did, got serious issues to deal with.

I’m posting my medical records, hoping to get help interpreting what I don’t understand.

NONE of the doctors ever explained anything to me.  They LIED and said my brain was fine.

Just thinking about all this makes me so incredibly angry.  EVERY time.

There is so much I don’t understand.   I’ll have to research many medical terms and hope to be able to organize everything here.  While most of my medical exhibits are exactly what I got from KRMC, I will highlight and number their lies and explain what really happened as I get the time, energy and brain power to deal with this.

After I filed the complaint I was incredibly exhausted, drained, emotionally and physically.

Had been working on it for about 10 days and reliving the trauma was excruciating.  That’s really the worst part, the memories of the enormous frustration, locked up in the loony bin while my two dogs were outside in January and my home could have suffered major damage to the water and solar system, maybe even burn down.  I didn’t have insurance, had almost $40k in credit card debt and no assets.

I was very lucky, got home just before a major freeze and the dogs were there and physically ok.

But the “doctors” destroyed my brain, my reputation, my ability to earn a living.

Covid saved my life, gave me the long break I needed, along with the unemployment benefits.

I didn’t suffer a heart attack or stroke from the stress and I didn’t have to kill myself.

I wonder how many people Republican governor Ducey seriously injured and maybe even killed when he ended the federal unemployment early and allowed the state to cut off so many people for no valid reason.  Their shitty dysfunctional website … so many people, including myself, didn’t even get the $117/week state benefits.  They SYSTEMATICALLY and DELIBERATELY cut us off with no recourse.  The adjudicator never contacted me and apparently thousands of others.  The EXTERMINATION of the poor.  I didn’t have it in me to fight them anymore.

Lucky for me, I had received an inheritance and that’s why I’m alive today.

There’s not enough left to pay a lawyer many thousands of dollars and I’m already starting to stress over money, it sure goes fast.

Hopefully, I’ll finally get some bookings again soon at the vacation rental I manage and I’ll try not to stroke out over this litigation.







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