Real geniuses at work here.   The OBVIOUS solution is to prevent excessive stress, NOT another pill or vaccine.

Literally billions of people would have much better and longer lives if they didn’t have so much stress.

How could anyone think that stress is only the cause of Crohn’s?

For the most part, stress is caused by a lack of money. 

The enormous stress caused by financial problems, struggling to pay the bills, never catching up, paying 25+% interest on credit card debt, meeting work quotas, working endless hours …

But it doesn’t stop there.  Financial problems are very negatively impacting kids and are causing most divorces. So many people have unpaid healthcare bills or are unable to pay for treatment, causing more stress, causing more illness …

The cost of having to pay for prisons and rehabs to house the kids who don’t have the loving family they deserve and end up as not so productive members of society or get sick from the stress themselves.   Not to mention the stressed parents, who often turn to drugs and/or alcohol.   Most homeless and most prisoners have brain damage, caused by, guess what!

So instead of wasting more money on Big Pharma and paying many TRILLIONS of dollars for medical care and other services, why not just give the money to the people so they don’t have so much stress?


Stress may be the culprit behind Crohn’s disease, study finds

Over half a million Americans are living with the inflammatory gut disease known as Crohn’s disease. Previous research suggests stress as a factor, however, researchers have not been able to pinpoint the exact mechanism by which anxiety triggers inflammation. New research reveals the important role of stress hormones on immune cells, shedding light on the origin of Crohn’s disease.

“When our innate immune system functions properly, it prevents harmful bacteria from colonizing us, but when it breaks down, it leaves an opening for pathogens to colonize locations they normally cannot and cause illness,” Coombes adds.

When the stress hormones were eliminated, immune cells prevented pathogens from entering the gut, says Coombes. “The more we know about what triggers Crohn’s disease, the closer we come to new treatments and potentially even disease prevention,” adds Coombes.  …