2022/8/15 Emily Cunion emails re Elliot and my response to motion to dismiss

Hello Emily,

I just found your email in the SPAM again, made some more adjustments to my server spam settings, and hope to finally get all litigation-related emails again.

1) Southwest filed its first motion to dismiss on 5/31/22 and the Southwest 26.1 initial disclosures were due a long time ago.

You can not expect me to discuss expert testimony until I had the opportunity to review all defendants’ 26.1 disclosures.

2) You know that I have been trying to get help for Elliot since 8/4/22, every single day I did almost nothing else, and I obviously have not had the time and brain to work on my response to your 2nd motion to dismiss, filed 7/11/22.

A quick reminder:

I suffer from brain damage affecting my working memory when seriously stressed and I have PTSD due to the abuse I suffered at KRMC and Southwest.

1) Elliot’s health and life are much more important than my response to your motion.
2) Your client Southwest’s refusal to accept my application requires me to CONTINUE to try to get help for Elliot.
3) Due to my brain damage I can only focus on ONE (1) stressful issue at a time.

I will try to file my response to your motion by next Monday.  If you have a problem with that, please advise.

3) Emily, why aren’t you helping me with getting Elliot out of the desert for evaluation?

While you did not have my Emergency Motion filed last night to have Elliot finally evaluated by your client Southwest when you sent your email yesterday (Sunday) morning, you were fully informed as per our email communications last Thursday [Exh. 11] with the link to my blog post about Elliot [Exh. 6].

Today you filed a motion to strike my motion INSTEAD of advising your client Southwest to FINALLY get Elliot out of the desert.   The superior court actually rejected my filing and if I can’t get them to reconsider, I’ll have to file a new lawsuit?

I don’t even know whether Elliot is still alive.  Day after day goes by while Elliot is slowly committing suicide. 

Why don’t YOU care?

Are you a psychopath?

NO compassion. NO empathy. A little sadistic?

Why aren’t you helping me help Elliot?
Why do you want Elliot to die in the desert?

You’re a lawyer.

You have resources.

Why are you determined to destroy me right now, knowing that Elliot will likely die when the stress you are deliberately inflicting on me causes a heart attack or stroke?

Christine Baker

Sunday, August 14, 2022, 8:58:29 AM, you wrote:


Your IDS was due to the other Defendants two weeks ago, because they filed responsive pleadings much earlier than SW and Brisbin. SW and Brisbin will serve their IDS tomorrow. We expect that your Response to the Motion to Dismiss will be filed tomorrow as well. If not, we will file a Motion for Summary Disposition.


Emily C. Cunion

Sent: Thursday, August 11, 2022 1:33 PM
Subject: Re: ***SPAM*** RE: Baker v. Southwest et al — ELLIOT – extension reply – 2) 26.1 initial disclosures

Hello Emily,

1) Why was my 26.1 disclosure statement due two weeks prior to yours?

2) I did not discuss this lawsuit with anyone at Southwest, but I will continue to do everything I can to save Elliot’s life.

3) Please note that your email ended up SPAMMED by the server, I have no idea why and it’s definitely a malfunction as none of the other emails in this thread were spammed. I generally respond to emails within 24 hours and if you’re awaiting a response to an email from me, please leave a message at 928-224-9663 so I can start looking for your email.

Thank you,

Christine Baker

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