5/8/22: Failed VCS Test (mold?)

Even if I have mold in my house, it shouldn’t matter because my bedroom window is just about always open a few inches at night and weather permitting, a second window is often open.

The DUST storms just don’t quit.  It used to be exciting to see a haboob every few years, now it’s a regular thing, once a week lately or more.

So I took the online VCS test at https://www.survivingmold.com/store1/online-screening-test/dashboard for only $15 and I FAILED with both eyes.

I even changed my contact from far to near (-6.5 / -5.0) in my left eye.  My right eye is always for reading.

When exercising on BrainHQ.com I often feel like I’d do better if I saw better, but I’ve never switched out my contacts.

5/8/22 VCS eye test results

5/8/22 VCS eye test results

From the FAQ at https://www.survivingmold.com/frequently-asked-questions/vcs-faqs

If you wear contacts:

Visual acuity testing using near vision will not be better than 20/20 when contacts are set for far vision. You will have to use just the near vision test alone.

I don’t know what that means but both eyes had the -5.0 contact for reading.   Am I missing a FAR vision test?

What does a failed VCS mean?

A failed VCS means you need to be evaluated for a possible biotoxin illness. The VCS gives you a print out so you can see your scores, looking especially in column C and D. With hyperacute exposure, there will be a fail in row E followed by a fail in row D. If associated with a rise of MMP-9, these findings are consistent with intensification.

Occupational exposure to heavy metals, solvents, petrochemicals and hydrocarbons are all known to create deficits in visual contrast. The mechanism for deficit is not well established other than direct neurotoxicity.

So, I don’t know what to do next.


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