1/28/22 Complaint and Exhibits


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KRMC killed my friend Leo when they refused to readmit him and recommended that he go to the Kingman homeless shelter.

My original post:  https://highdesertdirt.com/blog/2015/08/18/leo-goding-12-2-42-to-7-30-2015/



This is my Facebook post about KRMC calling the police when I told them that I would provide pictures of my friend to the media as they refused to keep her overnight and kicked her out around 2 am.   She was almost 80 years old, had a concussion and broken wrist and lived alone in the middle of the desert about 50 miles from Kingman with no neighbors.

Many seniors refuse the ambulance transport to KRMC because they cannot afford to pay for the cab home.

When I requested comments regarding my FB post from KRMC, they called my friend and intimidated her into asking me to delete her pictures. Obviously there was no media campaign without pictures.



I still have to annotate what’s false and misleading.



Signed by defendant DO Adam Gregory Dawson (KRMC ER)  and I am currently working on annotating the many false statements, claiming that I am psychotic, delusional, suicidal, etc.   I am working on my response to his motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim for which relief can be granted.



They wouldn’t read my petition until Loony Bin staff Alex attended my daily online interview with defendant Kelsey Brisbin and made her read it.

Then she chose NOT to release me because I have a medical marijuana card.



Mental health counseling has to be the biggest waste of time, money and energy ever.   I was ordered to arrange for counseling immediately after discharge from the Loony Bin, had a 2-hour intake session, then a session with the counselor who promptly canceled my 2nd appointment while I was on my way to Kingman for the noon appointment.  Never heard from them again.

Since I got NO help whatsoever, I sent my questions to Mohave Mental Health twice.  I received NO response.



Defendant Sarah Grohman with More MD claimed that my brain is fine.  It’s not.

My brain wasn’t fine then and it’s not fine now.  My working memory still crashes when I’m seriously stressed.  Learning is incredibly hard.

INSTEAD of providing the medical care I deserve, defendant Grohman called the sheriff and two deputies showed up at my house a couple of hours after our phone call.  She STRIVES to kill me, to humiliate me, to ensure that nobody hires me — I often wonder how I find the will to live, to continue the fight for my life.  Some locals now call me “psycho” on Facebook.



See my comments re. Exhibit 7.

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