I’m so incredibly frustrated and stressed by American Home Shield, I just can’t take it anymore.

The AHS business model:

  • REFUSE to communicate in writing
  • FRUSTRATE customers with employees who are trained to LIE.
  • DEFRAUD customers with charges for absolutely NO service.
  • REFUSE to credit fraudulent charges
  • FALSELY state that they don’t have a contractor to come to my house
  • REFUSE to pay for repairs
  • DELAY repairs to frustrate customers into paying for the repairs / replacements
  • SUBSTANDARD repairs

There are several Facebook groups with thousands of members discussing their countless issues with AHS and my post summarizes my many problems with AHS:

I manage a vacation rental and have had NOTHING but trouble with AHS.

Has anyone sued them?

I told them yesterday that I’ll file the lawsuit this weekend (online, small claims) if they don’t assign Attwood Appliances in Kingman AZ to my service request.

I’m 60 miles from Kingman and they keep LYING about not having companies to come out here.

Last year the A/C stopped working in summer and AHS claimed that nobody would come to my house. They sent me a package to find a contractor myself, with so many conditions, I chose to diagnose, order the fan on Amazon and pay a local to install it.

I believe AHS never refunded the $300 for my service requests despite my request to a supervisor to audit my account and refund. Haven’t had time to look again.

When I needed a washer repair last February, I finally started calling companies directly and found Attwood, an APPROVED AHS company, happy to come to my place for $190.

It took an ENORMOUS effort to get AHS to assign the job to Attwood. I tried to get them to check out the fridge fan which occasionally made a little squeaking sound, just not when Attwood was there and so they didn’t look at it.

The next time the fridge fan squeaked I sprayed oil on it and that worked.

Then the microwave stopped working intermittently a few weeks ago and AHS stated that they don’t have a contractor to come out. I immediately called Attwood and of course, they repair built-in microwaves.

A few days ago I scheduled the microwave repair for next week, and paid the $190 for coming out.

Yesterday the fridge fan motor was all of a sudden EXTREMELY noisy and guests are arriving TODAY. Apparently, AHS had canceled the microwave service request and I submitted a new service request for both the microwave and the fridge.

I got to a screen about speeding up repairs with online diagnosis, called so they could see and hear the fan, but again I was informed that they don’t have anyone to come out.

It didn’t matter how many times I said that Attwood was already here and DOES repair microwaves and fridges, she didn’t care.

I got so angry, told them that I’d sue this weekend if they don’t assign Attwood and I seriously doubt they will.

Am 63 years old and suffered stress-induced brain damage in 2019.  For decades I provided dispute resolution services, mostly with credit bureaus, creditors and debt collectors, Dish, DirecTV, Verizon etc. I recorded the phone calls, kept communication logs, and assisted my clients with filing regulatory and BBB complaints, and I provided affidavits to clients who sued.

Due to my brain damage and possibly an “allergy” to making these stressful and frustrating phone calls, I really can’t deal with this crap anymore. I can FEEL my blood pressure go up when I’m on the phone with these thugs.

Is there anyone providing these types of services?

I would gladly pay someone to DOCUMENT these types of issues FOR me. It does take time to provide power of attorney to the companies so they’ll talk to someone other than the account holder, and it’s time-consuming to take the notes and preserve the audio recordings and it takes excellent communication skills.

In many courts you can NOT get paid for the time you wasted and you get nothing for the stress.  Aside from not wanting to deal with this crap, I can add the EXPENSES of having to hire someone to my claims.

Companies like AHS will NEVER change if AT MOST they finally have to pay for the repairs. At least we should add a few hundred for having to deal with them.

Our corrupt legislators couldn’t care less.

Off to try to take that fan out of the fridge to see if there’s ANYTHING I can do to make it run quieter until the new fan hopefully arrives on Saturday.

I am allergic to lies and I can literally feel my blood pressure increase when talking to the imbeciles who REFUSE to accept reality, that they ALREADY had assigned the fridge repair to Attwood in March, and that Attwood will gladly come out again.

So I’ve HAD it here is my small claims complaint. 


Unfortunately I can’t file online as in superior court, so I’ll have to make a special 120 mile round trip to Kingman to file.

Here are the instructions for Mohave County small claims:


Here is the info to serve their registered agent:


There’s a second listing for AMERICAN HOME SHIELD OF ARIZONA, INC., same registered agent, don’t know why there are two corporations:



In the 90s I was a California real estate broker specializing in representing cash-poor first-time buyers and I always ensured that they got a home warranty, I believe from AHS.    I remember clients whose furnace went out shortly after purchase and I had to get involved to get the furnace replaced, but at least it got done.

After my own experiences in the last year and now reading the many HORROR stories on Facebook, I cannot understand why our regulators allow this SYSTEMIC fraud.  Is AHS paying them off?  WTF is going on?

This shitshow needs to END.

Emails and contact info to get out of phone hell:


call this lady she works for corporate and is super bitchy and will try to overtalk you, you may need to check her as I did. Michelle Davis
(901) 473-3789 (fax)